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For Mamas With Empty Nest Blues: DIY Heartwarming First Day of School Boards

The empty nest feeling has hit me like a ton of bricks recently. Somehow, these first day of school boards have helped. Rohan and Dayven are so excited to start […]

Every Furniture Makeover I Wish I Could Keep For Myself | Amitha Verma

The only reason I don’t hang on to every furniture makeover I have done? I just don’t have room in my house! It’s hard to find these kinds of pieces […]

Interior Design Trends 2023 | Everything you love about farmhouse style is OUT now | Amitha Verma

I may be stuck in the interior design trends of 2023 forever… and I am not at all mad about it! Gone are the days of neutral non-committal color palettes, […]

Organizing After Christmas | When and How to Put Holiday Decorations Away | Amitha Verma

If you’re like me, you want clarity on WHEN exactly to put away your holiday decorations and HOW to start organizing after Christmas. Spoiler alert: Not every Christmas decoration needs […]

Christmas Decor Tour 2022 | Full Walkthrough of How I Styled My Shop | Amitha Verma

I don’t mean to brag, but this Christmas decor tour 2022 edition is the best my shop has ever looked! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always […]

Christmas Décor Trends 2022 | When You Didn’t Think French Country Could Get Better | Amitha Verma

I want to create a magical home this holiday season using the Christmas décor trends of 2022. Trending Christmas decor for 2022 sounds impersonal and like they lack creativity, but […]

Cottage Style Makeover | How To Flip a Nightmare Space Into a Foyer and Dining Combo | Amitha Verma

There are many nightmares in this house, but in this cottage style makeover, I am tackling the most frightening one. This is the renovation of an early American home. We’re […]

Summer Tablescape | Why your table and home are uninspiring and how to fix it | Amitha

You either don’t know how to do a summer tablescape or you pull out all the same décor every season. My best guess is that it’s also probably all white.  […]

Bad Kitchen Layout | The Rookie Mistake That Could Ruin My Renovation | Amitha Verma

As far as bad kitchen layouts go, this is by far one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen. I can tell that cooking in this kitchen would be very […]

Antique Shop With Me | Can I Furnish This House In a Day With One Antique Trip? | Amitha Verma

Antique shop with me as I try to furnish this empty house! But here’s the thing, I don’t just want any old furniture. I want pieces that create a home […]

Spanish Style Home Renovation | Revival of This 1950s Home With a Full Remodel Step 1| Amitha Verma

A couple of weeks ago, I shared an empty house tour of this beautiful Spanish style home renovation in California. This time I am revealing how we plan to revive […]

Vision Board Like An Interior Designer | Step 1 On How to Design Your Dream Home | Amitha Verma

Okay, I am finally revealing how I vision board like an interior designer!  I know it’s tempting to begin makeovers by just chucking furniture into your home and leaving it […]

Farmhouse Style Renovation | How To Begin a Small Apartment Makeover and Save Money | Amitha Verma

We have officially decided on the final design for this farmhouse style renovation of an apartment complex in Houston, TX! I know this must seem like it took us forever […]

French Country Farmhouse Easter | How To Style A Simple Kitchen Island Centerpiece | Amitha Verma

I couldn’t find French country farmhouse Easter decor, so I designed it myself! My shop, Village Antiques | Farmhouse Decor & Furniture by Amitha, in Houston, TX just launched a […]

Spring Breakfast Table | How To Create a Beautiful Table Setting Using New Arrivals | Amitha Verma

Spring has sprung and I am bringing it straight onto the most used surface in my house: the breakfast table. To create a functional and practical design on this petite […]

Spring Home Decor Haul 2022 | How to Style Pretty Bookshelves With Seasonal Decor | Amitha Verma

Here is my first spring home decor haul 2022! This time, I’m sharing some sweet new arrivals from my shop, Village Antiques. It’s a petite one to slowly get you […]

Chalk Finish Paint Makeovers | 7 Easy Before & After Furniture Flips You Can Do | Amitha Verma

I am finally sharing the secret designer superpower of combining upholstery with chalk finish paint makeovers. You might be thinking an upholstery project sounds huge and scary. Luckily, after reading […]

Every Season French Country Decor | How To Decorate Your Home Between Seasons | Amitha Verma

How to decorate your home between seasons? The answer is simple. Use every season French country decor.  Okay, now what the heck does that even mean?? It can be tricky […]

Modern Farmhouse | How To Avoid Problems When Starting A Small Apartment Renovation | Amitha Verma

My first interior design project for 2022 has begun! It is a renovation of a small apartment complex – in the modern farmhouse style. This is going to be a […]

Antique Store Houston | How I Switched My Career and Created Village Antiques | Amitha Verma

I am celebrating 10 years of Village Antiques, my antique store in Houston, by sharing how I became an interior designer, a behind the business look into how it started, […]

Farmhouse Valentine’s Day | 7 New Ways to Bring Romance Into Your Home This Season | Amitha Verma

Here are 7 new ways to bring romance into your home this February and beyond using French country farmhouse Valentine’s day decor for 2022. While each decoration is unique in […]

Farmhouse Designs | Big Renovation and Decor Projects You Can Actually Do This Year | Amitha Verma

What is the farmhouse design style?  As a warm welcome to 2022, I’m excited to share some fun news with you that will define my brand. You can expect renovations, […]

Farmhouse Style | 2022 New Trends I’m Excited About | Amitha Verma

These farmhouse style interior design trends for 2022 are bad news for people like me who have mostly gray and white homes… But don’t run just yet! Luckily, they can […]

Farmhouse Christmas | How To Decorate When It’s Too Late For The Tree | Amitha Verma

Christmas is just a few days away. You’ve got family and friends coming over. You haven’t done a thing around your house to add the farmhouse Christmas touch that you […]

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decorations | How To Use Ribbon 3 Ways For a Designer Tree | Amitha Verma

Before ANYTHING ELSE, I use ribbons as my first layer of farmhouse Christmas tree decorations. I bet you are about to pull out your tree if you have not already. […]

Round Farmhouse Tablescape | How to Design a Circular Table For Christmas | Amitha Verma

If you have a round farmhouse table and you’re wondering how to design a circular table for Christmas, this tablescape tutorial is for you! This is going to be a […]

French Country Christmas Tree | How To Style A Whitewash Tree & New Arrival Haul | Amitha Verma

I love a good French country Christmas tree! That’s why I’m sharing some exciting new holiday releases from my shop, Village Antiques. I know that you’re going to love them […]

Falliday Table | How To Create a Tablescape That Works For Thanksgiving & Christmas | Amitha Verma

Allow me to introduce you to the falliday table. Thanksgiving and the holidays are quickly coming and going, so I’ve got some quick tablescape and centerpiece ideas for you. It makes […]

Subtle Seasonal Decor | How To Decorate For the Holidays When It’s “Too Early” | Amitha Verma

Here’s your secret weapon to decorate for the holidays when it’s “too early”; subtle seasonal decor. I personally love to wait until Thanksgiving weekend and then start trimming the tree […]

French Country Decor | Neutral Fall Decor You Can Leave Out All Year | Amitha Verma

French country neutral fall and holiday decor is highly underrated. These are the decorations you can leave out all year round without feeling too festive.  Don’t get me wrong, you […]

Farmhouse Fall Decor | 3 Simple Ways to Style a Home With Pumpkins | Amitha Verma

When it comes to farmhouse fall decor, nothing beats the power of a velvet pumpkin to create a cozy feel! That’s why I knew I had to share the three […]

Farmhouse Furniture | 5 Big Furniture Pieces That Create a Home With Character | Amitha Verma

As an interior designer, these are the 5 big farmhouse furniture pieces that I’ve found ALWAYS create a home with character. When the seasons change, it’s easy to add fall […]

Farmhouse Fall Table | Decorate A Simple Table With Me | Amitha Verma

I tend to go overboard on my farmhouse fall table decor and styling. This year, however, I’ve decided to go for something simple that my whole family can ease into […]

Farmhouse Fall Decor | Up and Coming Fall Trends To Look Out For | Amitha Verma

I’m about to drop the designer scoop you didn’t know you needed with these farmhouse fall decor trends for 2021.  The exciting part of this trend report is that while […]

Early Fall Decorating | How To Introduce Fall Into Your Home In 7 Ways | Amitha Verma

Bring on the wicker rattan pumpkins, gold mirrored trays, large bread boards, and vases because it’s late summer early fall decorating time!  And no, it’s NOT too early to decorate […]

Farmhouse Lighting | How To Give Your Home a Makeover in 3 Steps Without Renovating | Amitha Verma

I’ll let you in on a designer secret. All you need is farmhouse lighting. That’s what you add to your home to give it a big update without a massive renovation. I […]

Farmhouse Rugs | 5 Tips To Create The Foundation of Design and Find Your Style | Amitha Verma

Farmhouse rugs, modern rugs, neutral rugs, vintage rugs, printed rugs, geometric rugs, oushak rugs, Turkish rugs, the list goes on! Have you ever felt decorating a room is just too […]

Antique Shopping Haul | Everything I bought At Round Top For My Office Makeover | Amitha Verma

My search for the perfect farmhouse antiques for my office makeover has been a rocky road. Though you may have the best intentions when you go antique shopping, you may […]

Antique Shopping | How To Avoid Buyer Remorse At Round Top TX Antique Fair | Amitha Verma

Earlier this year, I visited Round Top for an antiquing trip and shared my haul and shopping tips. If you’ve ever gone antiquing, you know that you can’t always expect […]

Farmhouse Design Trends | 5 Ugly Trends Coming Back Into Style | Amitha Verma

Neal, my husband, was mortified by the “ugly” (his words) farmhouse design trends I was bringing into the shop for the upcoming seasons.  He was surprised to see styles that […]

Limited time offer: A little luxury at a great price

I was “should-ing” all over myself last week. You know, the typical “I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that” routine. But then, fate intervened during a layover at a […]

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