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Early Fall Decorating | How To Introduce Fall Into Your Home In 7 Ways | Amitha Verma

Bring on the wicker rattan pumpkins, gold mirrored trays, large bread boards, and vases because it’s late summer early fall decorating time! 

And no, it’s NOT too early to decorate for fall this time of year. 

One of the things my husband, Bobby (AKA Neal), misses about growing up in Canada is the change in seasons. You don’t get the experience of crunchy autumn maple leaves under your shoes in the fall living in Houston. 

To slowly simulate the change in season that he misses, I introduce touches of décor inside our home. When it comes to decorating for the fall and the upcoming holidays, we have to ease into it. It often feels ridiculous to go all out in the early fall décor while it’s still super hot outside. 

That’s why I compiled 7 ways to sneak early fall decor into our home using: 

  1. Candlesticks
  2. Heavy Bowls
  3. Wicker Rattan Pumpkins
  4. Large Breadboards
  5. Statement Vases & Jars
  6. Etched Smoky Glass
  7. Gold Mirrored Trays


The first area I’ll introduce early fall décor is in my dining room, right on top of the buffet.

To bring in the feeling of early fall into her home, Amitha Verma adds extra vintage inspired candle sticks to the top of her dining room buffet.

These clawfoot chipped candle sticks just came into our shop, Village Antiques, and while you may not immediately think of these items as early fall décor, they add that warmth and charm that reminds me of the changing seasons. 

New fall inspired candle sticks from Village Antiques feature claw foot legs, chippy paint, and carved details. Styled by Amitha Verma.

I’m layering candlesticks to bring in warmth and soft, ambient lighting for dinners. I’ll be using flameless LED tea candles for now. Over the coming months, I’ll be swapping these out for orange, brown, and tan colored candles to emphasize the season change. 

The buffet is also the perfect spot for adding beautiful cozy textures. This is an area that I will be adding velvet pumpkins onto later to transition into the season change.

Heavy Bowls & Centerpiece Ideas

In light of introducing more late summer early fall decorating ideas, I’m removing the brighter colors on my buffet. I’m swapping out the dried lavender balls I had on a tray. In their place, I’ve added a beautiful heavy bowl. 

To prepare her home for Fall, Amitha Verma places a large heavy urn shaped bowl in the center of her buffet table to later use for storing dried seasonal florals.

This bowl is another piece I grabbed from my shop. I’m so glad that I did because it will be the perfect vessel to add boxwoods, dried flowers, and ornaments into in December. 

The new heavy, vintage inspired bowls from Village Antiques show replicated signs of aging with rust accents and chippy painted details. Styled by Amitha Verma.

Because the bowl has a heavier presence than the tray I once had here, it already feels more fall-inspired. I intentionally left empty pockets between the candlesticks and bowl to continue to build on as the season carries on. 

Wicker Rattan Pumpkins

A perfect alternative to adding real pumpkins into your home are these wicker rattan pumpkins. They add a hint of fall without feeling like we’ve entered Halloween or Thanksgiving season. 

To bring in the fall feeling into her home, Amitha Verma adds wicker pumpkins on her countertops.

Yes, it’s still a pumpkin—but it doesn’t quite feel so season-specific because of how light and neutral it is. The color of the rattan feels very summer-to-fall transition. It’s a good start for when I add my more colorful velvet pumpkins in the upcoming months. 

Amitha Verma slowly changes out the summer fruit bowl in her kitchen for neutral wicker pumpkin in preparation for fall.

I have a small countertop area right before you step into the kitchen that I love placing pops of seasonal décor. Normally, I have a ceramic bowl here with fruits, but this seemed like the perfect spot for a wicker pumpkin. 

Large Breadboards

We recently got an amazing collection of vintage-inspired large breadboards at Village Antiques. 

The new bread boards at Village Antiques come in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect to bring the fall feeling into any home. Styled by Amitha Verma.

When I saw this round one, I knew I had to try it on my kitchen island. I love how the shade of brown is similar to what my husband may have seen in the Canadian maple leaves that he misses so much. 

The maple colored wood on the new bread boards from Village Antiques remind Amitha Verma of fresh fallen leaves in autumn.

Statement Vases and Jars

We have these huge glass jars that came in, and I love the oversized scale of them. I normally gravitate towards smaller vases, but as we’re getting into late summer early fall decorating ideas, I figured I’d go big this time around. 

Amitha Verma uses oversized glass jars available at Village Antiques to decorate her home for early fall.

I’m placing this vase in the center of the island on top of the breadboard because I love how large and dramatic the vase is without shouting that it’s fall time. I also love that the pop of green from the olive branches brings in an extra element of coziness.

Amitha Verma adds olive branches to her large glass jar from Village Antiques and places it on top of her breadboard as a kitchen island centerpiece.

If you’re concerned about visibility on your island, you can move the vase to one side. That way, you can make space for a low bowl to see over and give your centerpiece more balance. 

Etched Smoky Glass

While we’re in the kitchen, here’s a quick little addition to help you bring that early fall into your home—etched smoky vases.

To add warm tones into her kitchen for fall, Amitha Verma places a smoky glass vase with etched details next to her stove. A simple way to start late summer early fall decorating.

I also found this vase at the shop, and I love how it brings in a subtle hint of warmth. This is a perfect late summer early fall decorating idea for that reason. I’m looking for pieces that have smokiness or tint without going too deep into fall and holiday décor.

The etched details on the smoky glass vase are perfect for early fall decorating, as they are not season specific. Styled by Amitha Verma.

The etched details make the vase a little more special without being season-specific with motifs like cherries, leaves, or wreaths. Vases like this are perfect for placing a single flower, fall stem, or excess kitchen utensils while I’m cooking. 

Gold Mirrored Trays

Last but not least, I love any excuse to bring back my gold mirrored trays.

Amitha Verma places a gold tray on one of the hallway dressers to prepare her home for fall before placing seasonal decor on top.

I like to rotate my trays throughout my home to match the season. I’m sure you may have seen this one before because it’s one of my favorites. 

This tray will be the foundation for fun designs in my late summer early fall decorating, but also during the holidays. 

If you’re wondering, “what is early fall décor about this tray?”…

It’s all in the antique-look of the gold. The color reminds me of perfectly fallen leaves on the sidewalks that are just begging to be crunched on by my knee-high fall boots. 

The warm tones that gold painted trays bring into decor add to the late summer early fall decorating ideas in Amitha Verma’s house.

To make the chest of drawers in my hallway feel reminiscent of fall, I’ve placed the tray on top of it. Over the next few weeks, I’ll start layering in my favorite velvet pumpkins in colors that go well in this area.

Where I Buy My Décor

People often ask me where I get all the beautiful decor in my home and throughout my tutorials. I get a ton of it from my shop, Village Antiques and Farmhouse by Amitha, located in Houston, Texas. 

You can check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to see what we have going on in the shop. If you’re a local, please stop on by or just give us a call. 

How I’ll Be Transitioning My Home Into Fall

That about wraps up the seven different ways I’ll begin my late summer early fall decorating ideas. 

I didn’t get into Halloween or Thanksgiving décor today. Instead, everything I brought in is inspired by my husband’s nostalgia for the Canadian fall.

If you want to see how I transition these spaces richer, fall colors and textures, subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’ll be sharing all of these different areas of my home in our new segment called “Five-Minute Fridays.”

Let me know which one of these areas you’re most excited to see me transform in the comments below. 

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Keep using your amazing design gifts to create heart in your home, 


P.S. You can find all of these early fall decorating items at our retail store, Village Antiques in Houston.

Check out our collection of farmhouse-style furniture, French country home décor, antiques, vintage, chalk finish paints, and more!

We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. 

You can also reach us at (713) 468 – 3931. 

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