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Farmhouse Valentine’s Day | 7 New Ways to Bring Romance Into Your Home This Season | Amitha Verma

Here are 7 new ways to bring romance into your home this February and beyond using French country farmhouse Valentine’s day decor for 2022.

While each decoration is unique in its own right, they individually bring the charming, picturesque warmth that your favorite scene in a romantic comedy creates. You’ll be able to feel the love without the stuffed animals, balloons, and conversation hearts!

If you’re like me and you come from a family full of romantics, then you will love the new collection that I just released in my shop, Village Antiques, as well as all of the classic pieces we have.

You’ll learn how to create a farmhouse style Valentine’s Day in your home using:

  1. Farmhouse style dinnerware and tabletop decor
  2. Compote bowl floral centerpieces
  3. Floral arrangements in vases
  4. Vintage or vintage inspired painting of florals
  5. Reimagined holiday decor
  6. Farmhouse style mirrors
  7. Colorful farmhouse home decor

Farmhouse Style Dinnerware and Tabletop Decor

The first way that you can bring romance into your home this farmhouse Valentine’s Day is with your tabletop decor. 

The first way Amitha Verma brings romance into a home for a farmhouse Valentine’s Day is with your tabletop decor.

This tip was actually inspired by my father. One day my dad decided, “Why do I have an everyday set and this beautiful China set that I save for one special day for one special person?” And on that day he declared to me, “I’m that special person and every day is a special day.” 

So, he started using our beautiful China set for his everyday meals. That’s why I’m so excited about this beautiful new collection that we’ve brought into the shop of vintage inspired decorative glassware. 

Amitha Verma’s new collection of vintage inspired decorative glassware at Village Antiques includes glasses, teacups, and pitchers.

These are glasses and pitchers that you can use in your everyday dishware, but they remind me of a very romantic yesteryear style of dinnerware. 

If you’re worried about it being too much pink, you can easily mix this up with some beautiful pale blue, purple tones, silver, or antique mercury style glass. 

Amitha Verma includes pale blue and purple tones in her new collection of glassware at Village Antiques.

If you love this Valentine’s Day farmhouse decor, I want you to really pay attention to this category of tabletop decor because there are so many ways that you can bring the romance in with this tip. 

This could also be with the use of runners, tablecloths, centerpiece bowls, silverware, florals, and so much more! 

To create a farmhouse Valentine’s day tablescape, Amitha Verma suggests adding a runner or tablecloth, centerpiece bowls, silverware, florals, and more.

The best part is all of it is functional for your everyday usage, so you can feel the romance and enjoy the style of decor for months to come. 

Compote Bowl Floral Centerpieces

Speaking of centerpieces, another great way to create a romantic farmhouse Valentine’s Day is with a floral arrangement in a compote bowl.

As a farmhouse Valentine’s day centerpiece, Amitha Verma creates floral arrangements in compote bowls.

This is my favorite way to add romance in a consolidated way on a dining table, kitchen island or breakfast table. 

I encourage you to look for beautiful bowls, compote bowls, and vases that you can use to arrange a collection of seasonal flowers. 

To create a romantic farmhouse Valentine’s day centerpiece using florals, Amitha Verma opts for blush tones, deep reds, or fuchsias.

You can opt for your favorites here, but if you really want to punch up the ethereal glammy feeling, I’d recommend blushy tones, deep reds, and fuchsias.

Floral Arrangements In Vases

If the compote bowl floral centerpiece is too complicated, you can simply pull out one of your pitchers that you use for water or margaritas and plop a bundle of flowers from the grocery store right into it (minus the plastic and rubber bands).

As a minimal floral accent in a farmhouse Valentine’s day design, Amitha Verma suggests a simple floral arrangement in a pitcher using store bought flowers.

For a bit more effort, try adding two different types of flowers, snip the ends, and loosely arrange them into your vase.

Vintage Or Vintage Inspired Painting Of Florals

On the note of keeping it a simple Valentine’s Day, this next tip is going to be a fun one for you – vintage paintings of florals. 

For a romantic touch, Amitha Verma decorated with vintage or vintage inspired paintings of florals in her farmhouse Valentine’s day designs.

I love looking for these, especially on a smaller scale so I can use them to sprinkle throughout my home and office whenever the spring season comes around.

The best part of looking for something on a smaller scale is you can simply place it on an easel and have it be a very simple project so you’re not removing things off your wall and re-hanging all the time. 

Amitha Verma uses petite tabletop easels to swap out and display seasonal art.

I love swapping out some of my darker floral artwork for light blush and blue tones that I love seeing in my office and my home. 

Reimagined Holiday Decor For a Farmhouse Valentine’s Day

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator when you’re putting your holiday decor away, you might be at an advantage this Valentine’s Day. You can actually reimagine your winter seasonal decorations.

Amitha Verma reimagines her holiday decor as Valentine’s day decorations, such as  heart-shaped or ex-voto shaped ornaments, so they can be left out from December all the way through the Spring.

I love looking for heart-shaped or ex-voto shaped ornaments and holiday decor because these are pieces that you can easily leave out from December all the way through the Spring.

Farmhouse Style Mirrors

Another way that you can bring romance into your style into your home decor is with the use of unique mirrors. 

Whenever Amitha Verma wants to add romance to a space, she includes special mirrors with carved details, roses, scrolling, and guilt work.

Whenever I’m working on a project or antiquing, my eyes are always drawn to special mirrors. That includes styles with carved details, roses, scrolling, and guilt work.

The individuality of these pieces always gets me when I go antiquing, so I snag as many as I can find and use them strategically in smaller places to create that romantic cozy feeling. 

Amitha Verma strategically places mirrors in small spaces like by a back door, in a powder room, or a small wall to add a romantic effect with decor.

This might be right as you pass by your back door, in a powder room, or a small wall that you want to create an effect with your decor. 

Colorful Farmhouse Home Decor

Last but not least, a couple of other easy ways that you can bring in the romance into your home this season is with colorful farmhouse home decor. 

To create a romantic farmhouse Valentine’s day design using decor, Amitha Verma adds blush toned pillows onto seating areas, lavender colored trinket boxes on side tables, porcelain staffordshire dogs, and floral vintage needlepoint rugs.

There are multiple ways that you can do this, but here are my top picks:

  • Blush toned pillows on your sofa, bed, or side chair
  • Lavender colored trinket boxes
  • Porcelain staffordshire dogs
  • Floral vintage needlepoint rugs
  • Paper napkins for your dining table
To add to the romantic feeling of Valentine’s day tables, Amitha Verma suggests adding floral designed paper napkins.

Simple Farmhouse Valentine’s Day at Village Antiques

All of the tips I shared with you today are beautiful, but low commitment and completely functional for your everyday living.

I’ve made them even more simple for you by making sure to have them all ready for you at my shop in Houston, Village Antiques.

If you want to add a romantic touch to your home decor this Valentine’s day and beyond, head over to our brick and mortar shop or our Instagram to pick up a few pieces.

Before you go, I want to hear which of these pieces you’d use to add romance into your home this season. Leave a comment under the blog and let me know!

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Keep using your amazing design gifts to create heart in your home, 


P.S. You can find all of these early fall decorating items at our retail store, Village Antiques in Houston.

Please stop by and check out our collection of farmhouse-style furniture, french country home decor, antiques, vintage, chalk finish paints, and more!

We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

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