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Farmhouse Designs | Big Renovation and Decor Projects You Can Actually Do This Year | Amitha Verma

What is the farmhouse design style? 

As a warm welcome to 2022, I’m excited to share some fun news with you that will define my brand. You can expect renovations, demolitions, decor, and exclusive sneak peeks even the smallest design makeovers. 

I’m bringing you along to join me in my decisions, but also get inspired to create a space that you love.

I will implement the Farmhouse by Amitha style into these transformations, but at a much larger scale this time. 

You’ll see it in several different forms this year:

  1. Project 1: Farmhouse Designs In a Small Apartment Renovation
  2. Project 2 & 3: Farmhouse by Amitha Style Home Renovations
  3. French Country Farmhouse Decor Projects

Project 1: Farmhouse Designs In a Small Apartment Renovation

The first project that we’re going to work on is the renovation of an apartment unit. For this, we are using one of the properties that my husband manages. 

You may or may not have met my husband, Bobby (AKA Neal), affectionately referred to as Bobby Neal.

He and I don’t usually work together, but this year our worlds are going to overlap. Neal is in the property management business. From time to time, we collaborate when he needs my help to make his properties really shine.

The thing about this unit is that some parts of it look great and other areas are … not so great.

A small apartment unit that Amitha Verma will makeover that has some good and bad elements to it.

As a property manager replaces old, damaged, or non-working pieces within the space, they just pick them one by one. In the end, nothing stylistically goes together. 

That’s where I’m going to come in and give this space some Farmhouse by Amitha style direction. I will help them select finishes, colors and textures that feel cohesive. These designs will take inspiration from my favorite farmhouse house plans.

But I know there are going to be big challenges along the way. Whenever we work on this type of renovation, there are huge budget restrictions. 

Living and kitchen before shots of a small apartment unit that Amitha Verma will makeover in 2022.

It’s definitely going to be a test of my creativity. We will see where to invest, where to implement budget-saving hacks, and how to bring personality into this space. 

Project 2 & 3: Farmhouse Designs In Home Renovations

After we get our feet wet with the apartment, we’re going to begin some real home renovation projects. 

There are two different homes that need some … I don’t even want to say TLC because they are in pretty bad shape. Even though these homes exist and are standing up, that’s about the best thing I can say about them. 

One of the kitchen floor plans was featured in a previous video, so you already have a bit of a sneak peek.

Before shot of a kitchen home renovation that will include farmhouse designs, by Amitha Verma.

This is exciting for you because I’m going to share my entire process on these homes. That includes reviewing the open floor plans, creating a large kitchen, working around large windows, including outdoor living, reconstructing master suites, and so much more!

The goal is to keep the classic charm of these one story homes while also introducing the clean lines of our modern farmhouse plans.

Initial sketches of farmhouse design plans in a home renovation that Amitha Verma will complete in 2022.

Farmhouse floor plans typically feature wraparound porches, walkout basements, narrow lots, and petite square footage, so we are in for quite the challenge.

After we’ve found the best home design for each house, we will fully furnish them spaces in the modern farmhouse style so it feels livable for the future homeowner.

Amitha Verma will share the whole farmhouse design process in her home renovations including color palettes, fabrics, and sourcing of decor.

You’ll see the colors, textures, fabrics, styles of decor, art, antiques, and all of those behind the scenes details.  Of course, we’ll also find a way to implement a few DIY projects using Amitha Verma chalk finish paint.

By sharing this, I hope you can replicate these ideas in your dream home, and use what works best for you. 

French Country Farmhouse Decor Projects

So what can you expect from our channel over the next few months?

To begin with, I am sharing these home plans with you in real time. That means we’re going to start these farmhouse style designs now and share the entire construction and behind the scenes process with you. 

Unrenovated living room view of a future farmhouse design project that Amitha Verma will take on in 2022.

You’re going to see our initial drawings, renderings, selections, and all the fine details that go into a project.

An initial rendering of a kitchen renovation designed by Amitha Verma.

It’s not all country house plans, though! Before these big renovation projects start, I will continue to share decorating projects with easy, actionable tips. That way, you can make changes in your home right now. 

My goal is that you can tweak the Farmhouse by Amitha style and make it yours. 

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Keep using your amazing design gifts to create heart in your home, 


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