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Spring Breakfast Table | How To Create a Beautiful Table Setting Using New Arrivals | Amitha Verma

Spring has sprung and I am bringing it straight onto the most used surface in my house: the breakfast table.

To create a functional and practical design on this petite area of my home, I am using the vintage inspired new arrivals from my shop in Houston, Village Antiques/ Farmhouse by Amitha.

If you didn’t know, I have owned this furniture store in Houston for over a decade now. Every season, we introduce new decor that we design to work well with antiques of the French country farmhouse style. 

For Spring 2022, we have really embraced artisanal designs that can become heirlooms for your home.

I am excited to show you how I’m going to style my own home with some of these new arrivals. 

I’ll be showing you how to style a spring breakfast table using several beautiful pieces from my shop including:

Spring Breakfast Table Linen Runners

To start off my spring breakfast table or any tablescape, I love to bring in a textile or fabric. 

This could be a tablecloth, napkins, or one of my favorite design hacks is with the use of a runner. 

Amitha Verma styles her spring breakfast table using an embroidered natural linen runner from her Houston shop, Village Antiques.

Forming this base is going to bring in the style of the season and soften your design. It also functions well for easy to clean up after meals.

Most of our homes read a bit neutral, so I love using the embroidered natural linen runners from my shop. 

They create a beautiful neutral backdrop, but also introduce pops of detail with its blue leaf design along the edges. 

The linen runners from Amitha Verma’s spring 2022 collection have pale blue leaf embroidered patterns along the edges.

This is what’s going to help me feel confident to layer lots of color with my other spring decor.

Spring Placemats

On this spring breakfast table, I’m going to add one more layer to my flat surfaces with a set of placemats.

In addition to a table runner, Amitha Verma also adds one more layer to her flat surfaces with a set of placemats.

We’re here in my breakfast room, which is a very multi-purpose space in our home. 

My kids do their homework, projects, and eat most of their meals here. So, it’s important that I make this beautiful and kid-friendly. 

On this table, I’m going to add one more layer to my flat surfaces. I’ve chosen to do this by putting down a set of placemats that go beautifully with this design.

Full view of placemats and a linen table runner on Amitha Verma’s spring breakfast table.

I don’t have these exact ones at my shop, but we do have a collection of spring and summer placemats that you can do this with. 

The great thing about putting all of these elements down is, they reduce the space available in the middle. 

This helped so you’re not overwhelmed, wondering; “What should I pull out? What should I buy? How many pieces do I need?” 

Spring Breakfast Table Centerpieces

Now onto the part you’ve been waiting for; the spring breakfast table centerpiece.

Before I show you what I will be using, here’s a few quick options that you can choose from:

  • Dough bowls
  • Floral arrangements in a low bowl
  • Tall vases with stems
  • Seasonal decor
Amitha Verma gives options to decorate a spring breakfast table that include dough bowls, floral arrangements in a low bowl, tall vases with stems, and seasonal decor.

Dough bowls are a great way to create an easy one and done centerpiece idea. 

Floral arrangements in low bowls are great if you have a bit more time on your hands. They can also be made as exaggerated or simple as you would like. 

Amitha Verma uses low bowls to create floral arrangements centerpiece on a spring breakfast table.

My quick floral centerpiece tutorial:

  1. Pick your vessel
  2. Grab flowers and a florist sponge from your local grocery store
  3. Put the florist sponge in a plastic container within your bowl, and add water to it, 
  4. Snip and place your flowers to stay in place 
Amitha Verma uses tall vases with long stems as a spring breakfast table centerpiece idea.

Alternatively, tall vases with long stems have a similar visual impact. If you have the space, I would suggest going with one that has an exaggerated size. Then, simply fill it with some real (or faux) green stems to give a little drama to your table.

For my breakfast table, however, I’m going to be adding seasonal decor.

Amitha Verma uses a handmade, artisan-crafted Easter rabbit that is new to Village Antiques for Spring 2022 as the main decor to build her centerpiece around.

We just introduced this beautiful, handmade, artisan-crafted Easter rabbit to our shop. This is going to be what I build my centerpiece around. 

It blends beautifully with the French country farmhouse style of my home and of my shop. The attention to detail is so mesmerizing to gaze at while me and my family have our meals here.

Closeup details of artisan-crafted Easter rabbit from Village Antiques show his fur, spectacles, pink velvet vest, paper maché Easter eggs, and a sign that talks about the services he offers.

The details of his fur, spectacles (come on, spectacles!), pink velvet vest, paper maché Easter eggs, and his little sign that talks about the services he has to offer just have my heart.

If this doesn’t say springtime, warmth, fun, and Easter, I really don’t know what does. 

Building Around Your Centerpiece

The rabbit is so cute, you could honestly stop right there on your spring breakfast table. However, whenever I’m creating a centerpiece, I love to work in odd numbers (1,3,5, etc). 

Whenever Amitha Verma creates a centerpiece, she works in odd numbers. For her spring breakfast table, she added additional decor to her artisan-crafted Easter rabbit.

As I’m looking at what I can add to this table, I’m guided by a couple of principles:

  1. I want to keep this easy and simple, so it stays functional and not too high maintenance.
  2. I want to make sure I’m tying into the colors that I’ve already introduced onto my table. 

Guided by those two things, I then look around at the decor that I have. This helps me to bring in pieces that are easy and fit within the colors that I have already placed down.

Based on that, I would like to add a small touch of blue to accentuate this color on my table. 

Amitha Verma shows the details of a pale blue, vintage inspired glassware bowl that is new to Village Antiques for Spring 2022.

This is where another Village Antiques new arrival comes in perfectly! We just introduced a collection of artisan crafted, vintage inspired, pale blue glassware. Just adding one of these will bring in the color that I’m looking for.

These footed bowls come in handy when you want to add a small floral arrangement or a candy jar.

Amitha Verma adds a small boxwood to the inside of a vintage inspired bowl to add a pop of greenery to her spring breakfast table design.

In this case, I’m going to try to bring in some greens with a beautiful boxwood. I don’t want them to compete with the bunny, but I do want a pop of greenery on my table.

To add a third simple element to my table, I pulled another new arrival from our artisanal collection. This time, I’m using a metal tin with handles that can be used to hold seasonal fruit. 

Amitha Verma adds seasonal fruit to a vintage inspired metal tin that is new to the Village Antiques Spring 2022 collection.

I chose this piece specifically because it accentuates the florals and pinks of my placemats and Mr. Rabbit’s velvet vest. 

As I mentioned, we’re going to keep this project super simple, so you could stop right here. 

If you want to bring in a fresh flower, you can add a bud vase with one or two stems to your table.

Amitha Verma adds a small bud vase with flower stems to complete her spring breakfast table design.

Final Spring Breakfast Table Reveal

And there you have it, a beautiful spring breakfast table! 

Amitha Verma’s final spring breakfast table styling using new arrivals from Village Antiques’ 2022 vintage inspired spring collection.

I know the rabbit seems like it’s exclusively an Easter decoration, but it’s so charming, I imagine seeing this all spring long. 

If you love any of these, you can find them at my shop, Village Antiques or Farmhouse by Amitha. If you’re in Houston, just stop on by!

We’d love to show you all of the beautiful new arrivals that have.

If you’re not local, be sure to follow us on Instagram. That’s where we post pictures of all of the beautiful new pieces that we get in. Or you can give us a call and we’d love to help you work on your home.

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