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Spring Home Decor Haul 2022 | How to Style Pretty Bookshelves With Seasonal Decor | Amitha Verma

Here is my first spring home decor haul 2022! This time, I’m sharing some sweet new arrivals from my shop, Village Antiques.

It’s a petite one to slowly get you acclimated to the change of season, but it packs a powerful punch.

Spring is easily one of my favorite times to decorate for. Naturally, I had to release new decor for this period. Of course, no piece is shy of the French country and farmhouse elements that define my Farmhouse by Amitha style.

This week, however, I am mixing it up. I am going small to help you start a minimal-effort project to subtly bring spring into your house. 

I’m going to share with you:

Spring Home Decor Haul 2022

I am kicking off this Spring with my first home decor haul of 2022 that I will be using on open shelving in my hallway.

These two little shelves are in a room adjacent to my kitchen, so I see them every day.

Amitha Verma is kicking off  Spring with her first home decor haul of 2022 that she will be using on open shelving in her hallway.

You can replicate this project on a little nook, in your family room, kitchen shelves, or even bookshelves.

I know when you’re thinking about designing a bookshelf, it may feel very daunting.

Rather than thinking about the little pieces that are going on your shelf, instead think about them in large groups.

This will guide your shopping list or help you gather items that you already have in your home.

In my process, I look for these items:

  • larger scale vases, concrete pots and stoneware (but not so large that they cannot fit between my bookshelves)
  • vintage or antique artwork (not too tall or wide for my shelves)
  • vases or bowls or pots (to take up volume in my bookshelf)
  • antique books (in the colors that I want to bring in)
  • seasonal decor (rabbits, florals, greenery)
To style a Spring shelf, Amitha Verma looks for larger scale vases, concrete pots and stoneware, vintage or antique artwork, vases or bowls or pots, and seasonal decor.

It’s always good to have these limitations because it helps you get rid of the things that won’t fit.

Whenever I style any type of shelf, I lookout for pieces that will fit within the height of my shelves.

To style a Spring shelf, Amitha Verma looks for larger scale vases, concrete pots and stoneware, vintage or antique artwork, vases or bowls or pots, and seasonal decor.

Antique or vintage art are great for shelf styling because they’re easy to swap out seasonally. They are also the main way that I add color.

Of course when you think of bookshelves, you think of books, but that tends to get repetitive. That’s why I switch it up by adding pieces that have different heights and volumes.

Pastel and neutral colored leather back antique books from Village Antiques in Houston, Texas, by Amitha Verma.

For the books, I pulled some from my shop in the colors I want to see in this area of my home.

As seasonal decor, I like to subtly introduce animals like this new arrival faux-moss rabbit to immediately shout out spring.

Amitha Verma  introduced a new spring item to Village Antiques for 2022 - faux moss rabbit decor.

How I Style Bookshelf Decor

Now let’s take this spring decor haul and start putting it onto our bookshelves!

Amitha Verma starts her bookshelf styling by placing the heaviest and most voluminous pieces to build the "groundwork.”

First, I removed the decor from the previous season. Then, I place my heaviest and most voluminous pieces to build the “groundwork.”

To do this, I start in the top left hand corner because that’s the way we read.

As a second step to her bookshelf styling, Amitha Verma mirrors her first step onto the next shelf. This is called "zigging and zagging" down.

Then whatever I do on one shelf, I mirror onto the next. I’m going to start “zigging and zagging” or in this case, just “zig” down this way.

If I had more bookshelves, I would keep following that same system or process all the way down.

Next, I go through my artwork to see which ones are the right fit. These will be the backdrop of my bookshelves.

Amitha Verma uses antique artwork to be the backdrop of her bookshelf designs.

With the big corners placed, you can see large gaps in the opposite corners that need to be filled.

How To Fill In The Empty Pockets

Here’s how I fill in these corners. 

From here, I sift through my collection to see what would be the right fit.

To fill the empty pockets in her spring bookshelf designs, Amitha Verma uses  skinny and tall vases, cloches, and green moss rabbit.

Because my empty pockets are skinny and tall, I love the different vases as options. The new green moss rabbit from Village Antiques and chicken wire cloche would also suit these spots well.

These are all vertical and thin, so they would fit very easily into these areas. Additionally, I look towards these objects specifically to bring in that seasonality. 

Add The Final Touches

With my empty pockets filled, all that’s left is to add the final touches. In this case, I just use what’s left from my Spring home decor haul for 2022.

As a final touch to play with height, Amitha Verma decided to add in a small horizontal layer of books to boost a painting up. This also adds a little bit of "zigging and zagging" with the books that she placed on the top shelf.

To play with height, I decided to add in a small horizontal layer of books to boost a painting up. This also adds a little bit of “zigging and zagging” with the books that I’ve placed on the top shelf.

To end it off, I like to add fresh flowers into the vases that I already put in place.

To end it off her spring home decor bookshelf design, Amitha Verma adds fresh flowers into the vases that she already put in place.

And there you have a beautiful and seasonally styled bookshelf that’s appropriate for the spring and beyond. This is such a rewarding and easy project. I really encourage you to take it on.

It only took about 20 minutes to do, including running over to my shop to grab my favorite new arrivals.

I encourage you to look through the things that you already have first. This is how I gathered the antique jars and paintings. Then, if you enjoyed any pieces that I styled on my bookshelves today, you can grab those from Village Antiques.

Amitha Verma’s final bookshelf styling using her Village Antiques spring home decor haul for 2022.

Except for the flowers… Those aren’t going to make it to you. Just go to your local grocery store and pick up the colors that you want to bring into your house. 

Your Spring Home Decor Shopping Guide 2022

As a recap, don’t forget your Spring home decor shopping guide and styling tips:

  1. Think about the decor in terms of large groups (books, vases and jars, art, seasonal elements)
  2. Then start placing in the left hand corner and remember to “zig and zag”
  3. Remember to vary heights and widths with your decor to fill empty pockets
  4. Utilize your existing antique or vintage pieces (like art, vases, jars)

If this episode inspired you and Spring decor excites you, stay tuned over the next few weeks. I’m going to share more new arrivals that are coming into the shop.

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