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Farmhouse Style | 2022 New Trends I’m Excited About | Amitha Verma

These farmhouse style interior design trends for 2022 are bad news for people like me who have mostly gray and white homes…

But don’t run just yet! Luckily, they can easily work in ANY space and actually help to celebrate your personal style. That’s what makes them so special. 

The reason these design trends are going to be so popular for 2022 and beyond is because of how much our lives have changed over the past two years.

Our homes have become where we work all day, where we go to escape the world, where some of us are starting to entertain again, and basically our entire world.

That being said, the farmhouse style design trends for 2022 are going to be centered around coziness, personality, and a lot of self-expression:

  1. Colors of the year
  2. Wall textures
  3. Wallpaper
  4. Kitchen trends
  5. Small decor ideas
  6. Antiques
  7. Maximalism

Bold Colors Are a Big Farmhouse Trend

The first big farmhouse style design trend of 2022 is … color! 

If you’re like me, and you have a white and gray house, this is not good news.

But what I am excited about for this trend is that you can beautifully add it into a white and gray country style home. 

According to interior designer, Amitha Verma, the 2022 farmhouse style colors of the year include black, mocha, deep green, and navy blue.

You’re going to be seeing color everywhere. I’m talking about deep saturated colors like dark navy, blues, deep greens, blacks, chocolates, mochas – All of these beautiful, cozy, luxurious color palettes all throughout design.

These colors will show up on kitchen islands, bathroom vanities,and the upholstery of different furniture pieces.

The farmhouse style colors for 2022 will be seen in furniture and kitchens.

The reason why is, again, people want to feel that coziness and personality in their homes since these are the spaces that we’re spending all of our time in. 

This is an easy one that can be incorporated using Amitha Verma chalk finish paint on existing furniture or new upholstery.

Texture On The Walls

Speaking of bold moves, the next farmhouse style trend for 2022 is texture on the walls.

Plaster texture walls is a new farmhouse style trend for 2022, according to interior designer, Amitha Verma.

You’re going to be seeing this with plastered walls, some even finished in the beautiful colors that we’re talking about, wallpaper and wood paneling.

Amitha Verma predicts wall panelling and floral wallpaper to be major farmhouse style trends for 2022.

All of these different textures will make our spaces feel a little bit more unique and intimate to bring that coziness into our homes. 

Floral Wallpaper

Speaking of wallpaper, the farmhouse style design trend that I’m seeing in this category are florals.

Floral patterns are the farmhouse design trend for wallpaper in 2022, according to interior designer Amitha Verma.

This is a bold move in home design, especially with the size of florals in the wallpaper. Think indoor garden, minus the maintenance. 

I’m excited to play with this trend in future projects and within my shop, Village Antiques.

Subtle blue and cream wallpaper in a farmhouse style home shows a major interior design trend for 2022, according to Amitha Verma.

With so many of us spending so much time in our homes, we have a tendency to want to do the opposite. 

So, we are having this desire to bring the outdoors into our homes to create that feeling of organic ness or movement, and a little bit of nature in our living and working spaces.

Moving away from the walls and into another important area of our home, there are several new farmhouse style trends that will be happening in the kitchen. 

One big design trend that I’m seeing is the lower visibility of our appliances. 

A big kitchen design trend that Amitha Verma sees for 2022 is the lower visibility of appliances.

Cooking equipment will now be hidden and tucked away in separate rooms, such as a larger walk in pantry or below eye level, underneath the counter and hiding behind our islands or next door cooktop where we’re used to seeing appliances. 

If you’re asking my opinion, I think it would be a little bit less convenient to bend over and use a microwave from inside my island versus at eye level, where I can open the door and plop in a mug of water that I want to warm up. 

A stylized, curated farmhouse style kitchen that feels like an extension of the dining room, living room, and areas surrounding it.

But what I love about this design trend is it allows me to create a stylized, curated kitchen that feels like an extension of the dining room, living room and areas surrounding it.

Because the appliances are no longer front and center, it helps to remove the cold feelings that you get from the stainless steel. In its place, you can choose to bring in some of the decor or the pieces that you love to collect onto your open shelving.

Amitha Verma’s farmhouse style kitchen top in her home.

This allows farmhouse kitchens to show off its special elements like reclaimed wood, exposed wood, light fixtures, and farmhouse decor. These elements of farmhouse style add that warmth and coziness back into your kitchen. 

Okay, you might not be renovating your kitchen this year, but the next three farmhouse style design trends for 2022 are easy changes you can bring into your home in as little as a Saturday shopping trip.

You’re going to see a lot of small details throughout farmhouse style decorating like tufting, ruffles, trim, small nail details, contrasting fabric, contrasting welt, ballerina style ribbons on furniture, and much much more.

Tufted farmhouse style chairs in Amitha Verma’s kitchen nook.

This is often seen on dining chairs, throw pillows, and throughout sofas to add that little small detail back into your furniture. 

You will see people change out the upholstery on their chairs. Rather than swapping the entire main body fabric, change it on the back to add that little bit of personality.

Farmhouse style chair fabric trend for 2022 includes changing out the upholstery on the back to add that little bit of personality, according to Amitha Verma.

The reason people are going to be drawn to this design trend is because after looking at furniture all day, every day, they’re ready to take it to the next level.

Small details are a way that you can stay within your comfort zone, but take that next step of boldness and bring that personality and authenticity into our homes. 

Antiques and Collectibles

The next farmhouse style design trend is one that I’m hugely excited about because it’s one of my passions in life. I’m happy to announce that antiques and collectibles are back on trend!

And I’m telling you, this is going to be a huge design trend. 

Antiques and collectibles are back as a farmhouse style design trend, according to Amitha Verma.

Even if you lean more into modern farmhouse designs, you’ll love how these antiques will be added into farmhouse style homes this year.

The reason why they’re so popular is because they’re beautiful and unique, but more importantly, they add that punch of character into your home.

Antique style farmhouse art pieces are big design trends for 2022, according to Amitha Verma.

You don’t have to wait 20 years to make your home feel lived in. Instead, you can just go out and find a piece that gives your home a little bit of soul and personality, and bring in the coziness that we’re all looking for.


If you haven’t noticed with all of the farmhouse style design trends I’m talking about today, a huge focus for 2022 is maximalism. That’s basically the idea that more is more. 

Maximalism as a farmhouse style trend includes the collection of new, antiques, and curated pieces on table tops.

With all of the time that we’re spending in our homes, we’re more curious, adventurous, willing to make bold choices, take design risks, try color, and all of that leads to this idea of maximalism. 

Collections such as herbiers on the wall, are a farmhouse maximalist design trend for 2022, according to Amitha Verma.

You’re going to be seeing that with collections such as herbiers on the wall, clustered tabletop decor, and in the way that people display items they already have. These are all elements that help define the modern farmhouse style.

The maximalism trend for 2022 will include the way that people display sentimental pieces and knick knacks around their spaces.

Rather than storing away sentimental pieces and knick knacks, you’re going to start seeing these pieces curated all throughout their living spaces.

These are just the start of 2022 farmhouse style design trends.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a significant change in design. Often when we do, people love or hate them. So, leave a comment and share your thoughts with me!

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Keep using your gifts to create heart in your home, 


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