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Farmhouse Fall Table | Decorate A Simple Table With Me | Amitha Verma

I tend to go overboard on my farmhouse fall table decor and styling. This year, however, I’ve decided to go for something simple that my whole family can ease into the season with. 

Since the season is just starting, I’ve decided to go for something simple. I’ve gone for a table layout that’s under 5 minutes and blends beautifully with the decor in my home.

But who am I kidding? I can’t NOT include the candlesticks, velvet textures, fabrics, and smoky glass tones from my fall 2021 trends post!

That’s why I’m sharing a simple, but elegant farmhouse fall table design that still includes all the decor I love. This time I did it without going all-out that you can use as inspiration on your next fall tablescape.

To introduce fall into my home, I styled these elements of fall decor on my table design:

  1. A Grounding Textile to Add Warmth
  2. Tall Decor to Add Height to My Dining Table
  3. Varied Textures
  4. A Fall Centerpiece Idea
  5. Romantic Lighting to Create Coziness

A Grounding Textile | Embroidered Fall Table Runner

To start, I am going to lay down my fall-themed table runner. Whenever I create any tablescapes, I start with some sort of fabric texture first. This could be a tablecloth, runner or topper. My favorites are table runners.

Amitha Verma places an embroidered farmhouse fall table runner down to begin her simple fall table decorating.

I’m excited to use this runner because it really is the star of the show. It could honestly be the end of your farmhouse fall table design with how beautiful it’s embroidered motifs are.

This beautiful earthy toned piece is a part of our fall collection at Village Antiques. I love the neutral palette, linen background, and cruel style embroidery. It feels so rich that it can easily be the only decor you add to your table.

Embroidered pumpkin and fall leaf details on a fall table runner found at Village Antiques, by Amitha Verma.

This is a great style because it essentially has decor sewn directly onto it! With the embroidered leaves and pumpkins, you don’t need a lot more. This one piece helped me keep my tablescape very simple. 

Tall Decor to Add Height to My Dining Table | Tall Chippy Candlesticks

Once I have laid down my runner, I like to break up the flat surface by adding varying heights. That’s where these tall chippy candlesticks come in!

Amitha Verma adds tall chippy candlesticks to her simple farmhouse fall table design to create varying heights.

I’m starting on the ends of my table instead of in the middle like I usually do. That allows for most of the table to be open for easy dining, homework, and projects throughout the season.

To bring in height, I could use stems in a vase, a wreath on a stand, or tall candlesticks.

Creamy chippy chalk finish painted candlesticks found at Village Antiques at the farmhouse feel of Amitha Verma’s simple fall table makeover.

For this farmhouse fall table, I chose to go with the latter. I just got beautiful grey-blue, chippy, green candlesticks at the shop that go perfectly with this table.

Varied Textures | Breadboard & Velvet Pumpkins

On the opposite side of my table, I’m going to start low with a breadboard. This lays down a good surface to build on top of it with some small velvet pumpkins. 

Amitha Verma places a breadboard and velvet pumpkins on her simple farmhouse fall table to add to the varying heights of her design.

This is an excellent way to create some contrast in height. It also introduces new textures that will all stand out on their own. 

The reason I start with the breadboard instead of just placing my velvet pumpkins directly onto the runner is because it’s almost a bit too much pumpkin. The runner that I’m using already has them embroidered onto it, so the breadboard breaks it up a bit.

An aged-looking breadboard placed on top of a fall themed runner to create layers on a simple tablescape, by Amitha Verma.

Breadboards are also the perfect styling opportunity to introduce warm fall colors, which I have yet to incorporate into this tablescape. They also allow the velvet pumpkins to act as the cherry on top!

Velvet pumpkins in brown, blue, and cream add to the colors that Amitha Verma is using in her simple farmhouse fall table makeover.

All of these rich textures are what create the warmth and coziness we love in fall decor.

At this point, I could stop here. I love leaving the center of the table open so you can actually  dine on the table and use it for school or work projects, but I have a couple more ideas for you to fill in some empty spots, while still keeping it simple.

A Farmhouse Fall Decor Centerpiece Idea

If you want to see more, you can always come up with a low centerpiece idea to fill the empty space.

Amitha Verma adds a low centerpiece bowl to her farmhouse fall table makeover before adding moss and chalk finish painted pumpkins inside of it.

In the past, I’ve used a low bowl filled with gourds, fruit, and even a little bit of seasonal decor. I happen to have a stash of chalk finish painted pumpkins because when I get tired of the bright colors, I love giving my existing decor a little makeover so it can work with my centerpiece.

To elevate her chalk finish painted pumpkins, Amitha Verma first places dried moss down.

Romantic Lighting to Create Coziness | Smoky Glass Votives

Last but not least, I always love adding a little bit of low lighting on my farmhouse fall table. This creates the feeling of coziness, where you just want to linger around the table and talk. 

I’m using a single smoky glass votive to add a hint of that.

To add some lighting to her simple farmhouse fall table makeover, Amitha Verma adds a single smoky glass votive where a tealight candle can be placed.

Farmhouse Fall Table Reveal

I promised you a simple tablescape and here it is! This is such a beautiful, easy everyday table design that you can enjoy for the fall.

The final reveal of Amitha Verma’s minimal, neutral farmhouse fall table makeover.

You may not have noticed, but this table actually includes a lot of the farmhouse fall decor trends of 2021 that I told you you were going to see.

From the green in the embroidered table runner, velvet in the pumpkins, raised textures in the candlesticks, and smoky glass in the votives, it’s all there! That is, except for the faux animal fur and gold, which will make their appearance in other tables designs. 

Embroidered runner, tall candlesticks, breadboard and velvet pumpkins, and a minimal centerpiece bowl complete Amitha Verma’s simple fall table at Village Antiques.

I kept it simple with this one, but still included all of the farmhouse fall table decor that I love. It’s different from what we have had in the years prior, but that’s what I love most about design.

Style and trends are always evolving with the times. This is a great table for our everyday living right now.

If you’re wondering if I have given up on my maximalist style and love for layering, that day still has not come! I very much love big, over-the-top tablescapes, so I’m going to share one with you later this fall. Make sure you’re subscribed to see the luxurious velvety gold creations that I have in store for you!

If you have questions about how I styled this table or where all these products came from, leave your question in the comment section! We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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