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These Cutting-Edge Techniques Will Turn Your Furniture Into A Decorator’s Dream

About Amitha Verma Furniture Paint

Imagine walking through your own front door and seeing your home filled with high-priced looking designer furniture—all for less than $100!

Sound too good to be true? What I’m about to reveal will DO MORE than transform your home…it will CHANGE your life.

Using the revolutionary paint I’ve invented and my simple system—you can revamp your furniture’s look and feel and reinvent your home—in no time, with zero stress or hassle.

With Amitha Furniture Paint there is…

  • No sanding, stripping, or priming
  • No mixing colors
  • No guessing games
  • No more endless searching for a matching furniture piece
  • No stress or hassle
  • And Yes—you will have the perfect looking home filled with beautiful decor

For the first time ever, you can transform any old relic or bargain find (I mean BIG bargains) into the look of stunning, high-priced designer furniture, with virtually no blemishes or imperfections.





Sounds familiar?

  • Are you unsatisfied with your home?
  • Do you wish you had different, more exciting furniture?
  • Feel like you’ll never finish decorating?
  • Wouldn’t you love to start over and change your dark furniture into something lighter, brighter and more inspiring?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, let me introduce you to Amitha Verma Furniture Paint, a totally new way to transform your existing furniture—and your home!

This revolutionary, innovative paint allows you to paint—with NO stripping, sanding or priming, PLUS it gives you the look of gorgeous high-end designer furniture.

You’ll never need to deal with mediocre or thin coverage, or a crafty look. Its style and appearance are truly chic.


My Personal Story

I’m Amitha Verma. As an interior designer for the past decade, I’ve given my clients homes they can truly fall in love with. I create and customize their design and decor using their deepest passions and personal stories.


And it works wonders

It’s my sincere belief that you deserve to live in a home you’re proud of, one that truly reflects the real inner YOU.

Do you sometimes wish you could just throw everything away and decorate your home all over again? Start fresh with a blank slate? Of course you do. We all do!

And seeing gorgeous magazine photos and Pinterest pictures, certainly doesn’t make it any easier!

Well, here’s my take. Should you toss it all and start from scratch?

No! Your home is PART of you, a self-expression of your life’s journey. It may be the first piece of furniture you bought with your very first paycheck, something you discovered while hunting with your mom or husband, or a cherished gift from grandma. These special pieces tell your story, and are filled with the memories of your life experiences.

So rather than toss them out, let me share my astonishing secrets that will enable you to inject them with new life. Not only will it look new and exciting, you’ll learn how to combine and blend different pieces together to create the designer touch you really crave.

Which is why I’m ready to empower you with insider secrets, tools, and techniques to transform your home.

And that’s only the beginning…

I’m thrilled to unveil my brand new revolutionary line of furniture paint that will bring you and your family happiness, love, and pride, and joy and remind of you of those treasured memories—every time you step foot in your home.

You’ll finally have a home that tells YOUR STORY

I take home decorating really seriously, so right now I’m offering a FREE copy of my popular eWorkbook, where you will learn How to Paint Your Furniture and Transform Your Home.


In it you’ll discover:

  • The key to transform your old furniture into a beautifully painted piece—in a few short minutes.
  • My simple 3-step painting process—it’s a fraction of the cost of new furniture, and without sacrificing the beauty! (Don’t worry—each step is only 2-3 minutes long!).
  • How to feel proud to invite guests into every room of your home.
  • The story of how someone who NEVER held a paintbrush learned to master my process in just a few minutes.
  • Precise tools and techniques to guarantee a perfect project every time (including which mistakes to avoid).

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Why I Chose A Career In Home Design

As a child, I watched Cinderella and fell madly in love – not with the prince, but with her majestic chateau. I loved its provincial charm, and more than anything—its gorgeous painted furniture!

At that moment, it became very clear where my true passion lied. However, it was a risky profession, so instead of following my dreams, I chose a safer route. With a background in accounting, I became a civil litigation attorney. (Quite a far cry from Home Design.) I was highly successful, and my family was so proud of my prestigious career.

But it simply wasn’t my passion

After a few years, I couldn’t take it any longer, and decided to finally pursue my true calling—home décor and interior design, antiques, and paint. I’ve been thrilled since day one, and never looked back.

I’ve worked on hundreds of homes, and done countless gorgeous projects. I’ve seen the finest antiques and furniture across the globe. I’ve had the good fortune to help people like you create unique and exciting homes.


Why Take MY Advice?

You may not believe this, but every project I do is loaded with challenge and struggle, and I face the same design issues as you. I learned to tackle them the hard way, and I’m ready to share my secrets.

Even with my access to professional designer tools, I never settle for anything less than perfect. I struggle to find the exact furniture pieces to fit each project. Just like in MY own home.

My customers always complain about the following:

  • Exorbitant cost of buying new or beautiful furniture
  • Projects take so long to complete, things go out of style
  • They don’t know how to improve their existing furniture
  • They’re desperate for a lighter, brighter, fresh furniture look—instead of the dark-toned, drab, dreary look they’re stuck with
  • They don’t know how to work with the things they’ve already invested in
  • How to get a high-end designer look on a budget

I would always love to include painted furniture in my projects—to get that fresh, lighter and brighter look…

But painted furniture is expensive. Antiques are super expensive! Painted antiques? The cost is prohibitive!

And no matter how big a project budget I had, I always needed to include existing furniture, and it almost always didn’t match the new design.

Unexpected Divine Gift

My clients didn’t know this (and boy would they be shocked!), but I used to work in my hot, dingy garage, mixing ratios of paint to create my desired look. I’d mix hundreds, sometimes thousands of colors.NO EXAGGERATION!

Painting also required loads of stressful preparation. We needed to sand down and strip each piece, and we’d fall way behind schedule. (I often needed to enlist my husband to help with this stuff.)

I knew from the get-go that we’d have big delays, and it was so heartbreaking to tell customers that the unveiling wouldn’t happen for 8 to 12 weeks! My customers grew frustrated and annoyed. They were anxious to show off the perfect home to friends and relatives, and instead their home was in “design purgatory.”

I had the same struggle with my own home, so I really sympathized.

I knew there had to be a simpler way

That’s why I created Amitha Verma Furniture Paint.
It’s so…

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Historically accurate designer colors
  • Stunning, gorgeous, and beautiful on your projects

All that…right out of the can!

It’s a life changing invention.
You cannot find paint like this anywhere.

Everyone who tries my paint is shocked at how quickly and easily you can transform a piece of furniture you already



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