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Farmhouse Christmas | How To Decorate When It’s Too Late For The Tree | Amitha Verma

Christmas is just a few days away. You’ve got family and friends coming over. You haven’t done a thing around your house to add the farmhouse Christmas touch that you love.

You’re in luck. Here are three ways to go all out with farmhouse Christmas decor in just a few minutes, WITHOUT the tree!

In this blog you’ll learn how to create the farmhouse Christmas look with these quick hacks:

  1. Christmas Village Inspired Tablescape
  2. Reimagine how you use greenery
  3. Ornaments without a tree

Christmas Village Inspired Tablescape

The first quick farmhouse Christmas decor idea is to create a Christmas village inspired tablescape. 

Amitha Verma’s first quick farmhouse Christmas decor idea when it’s too late for a tree is to create a Christmas village inspired tablescape.

For this, just go around your home and pull out all of the different holiday decor that you have onto your dining room table.

This could be tabletop trees, little scenic villages, trays, bowls, or ornaments. Whatever this may be for you, it’ll be used to create your “charcuterie style” tablescape.

To begin a farmhouse Christmas table design, Amitha Verma looks for a textile to create a spot to focus decor onto.

To begin your table design, look for a textile. The reason why you start with this is to create a spot to focus all of your decor onto. It also adds some softness. 

If you have one with sparkle, gold, or holiday glam, this is the perfect addition to your table. If not, honestly anything goes. Just use what you have.

Once Amitha Verma has fabric down on her farmhouse Christmas table, she adds different types of holiday decor onto the center of the table.

Once you have your fabric down, start adding all of the different types of holiday decor that you might usually sprinkle all throughout your house, onto the center of your table. 

To give structure to your Christmas village inspired tablescape, start with the tallest objects and then work your way out.

Amitha Verma uses trays and bowls to house ornaments and smaller holiday decor on her farmhouse Christmas dining table design.

Then, use trays and bowls to house ornaments and smaller holiday decor. This creates a Christmas village feeling onto your dining table. 

Whether you have a round or rectangular dining table, the concepts are the same:

  1. Start with your table runner, tablecloth, or textile
  2. Place decor in the center and work your way out

Reimagine how you use greenery

Next, to achieve the farmhouse Christmas look in a pinch, reimagine how you use greenery.

To achieve the farmhouse Christmas look in a pinch, Amitha Verma reimagines how you use greenery.

Whenever we think of Christmas greens, we always think of our big tree, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so large-scale.

Instead of using a full sized tree, Amitha Verma styles mini tabletop trees on top of coffee tables and other flat surfaces in her Houston shop, Village Antiques, and in her home.

We can bring the size down a bit with a tabletop tree instead. You can use one or multiple to be sprinkled around on buffets, coffee tables, or living room side tables. 

All of these beautiful greens give you that perfect holiday feeling without having to go huge. 

Amitha Verma creates groupings using two to three of the smaller scale trees and sprinkles additional holiday decor such as ornaments, reindeer, Santa, or a Christmas village in front of  the greenery.

Pro tip: create groupings of 2-3 smaller scale trees and sprinkle additional holiday decor such as ornaments, reindeer, Santa, or a Christmas village right in front of your greenery.

You can do the same with garland on a buffet, or with holiday stems beautifully arranged in a vase. 

To add greenery without a Christmas tree, Amitha Verma instead uses garland and stems in vases to sprinkle around for a farmhouse Christmas styling.

Again, the trick here is to take all your decor and concentrate it into one section. That way, that one spot of your home screams out beautiful Christmas joy.

Ornaments without a tree

I know where you’re thinking, “Christmas time means you must have your ornaments out, right?”

Wrong. I’ve got a couple of hacks for you to enjoy your favorite farmhouse Christmas ornament collection all throughout your home. 

The first hack is to create a staggered ornament display all throughout your curtain rods. 

To make use out of Christmas ornaments without a tree, Amitha Verma creates an effect of staggering ornaments on curtain rods to create a window display.

I know this sounds kind of kooky. However, it looks beautiful to arrange ornaments on ribbons and strings to create a collected display. 

Have fun here with the colors, too. I personally like white, gray, and beige, but you can use red ribbon, black and white, gold, or even bright colors!

Alternatively, you can put ornaments in a bowl or an urn to enjoy the sparkle of your collection that way.

Amitha Verma styles farmhouse Christmas ornaments in bowls and urns to add sparkle and glow without having a tree out.

Or, you can simply scatter them all throughout your tablescape. They look beautiful either way, so don’t stress out about which direction you should take. 

Lastly, a favorite hack of mine is to hang them from your chandelier with ribbon, or even a fishing line. 

A favorite hack of Amitha Verma is to hang ornaments from a chandelier with a piece of velvet ribbon, or even a fishing line.

Talk about a “wow” Christmas! Between the tablescape and hanging ornaments from a chandelier, your family will surely feel the Christmas spirit.

Farmhouse Christmas color palette

You may be wondering about which color palette you should use this holiday season.

I’m here to tell you it does not matter. 

We don’t want a delay in getting our holiday decor out, and this is an exercise of your creativity.

When you put this farmhouse Christmas decor together, the uniqueness, sparkle and magic of Christmas is going to come through.

These tips are an easy way to give you a collected, beautiful, cohesive feeling without a Christmas tree.

Farmhouse Christmas in minutes

Between the Christmas Village tablescape, reimagining Christmas greenery, and displaying ornaments differently, you really do not even need a tree. 

Between the Christmas Village tablescape, reimagining your Christmas greenery, and displaying your ornament collection in a different way, Amitha Verma proves that you really do not need a tree to have a farmhouse style Christmas.

If you do all three of these ideas, you can do this project in less than 30 minutes. And if you try just one, it will take just under a few minutes to complete. 

Now your guests will think you spent all month decorating your home and won’t even realize the tree is missing. 

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Have a merry and bright, cozy farmhouse, rustic Christmas!


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