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Christmas Décor Trends 2022 | When You Didn’t Think French Country Could Get Better | Amitha Verma

I want to create a magical home this holiday season using the Christmas décor trends of 2022. Trending Christmas decor for 2022 sounds impersonal and like they lack creativity, but they are quite the opposite!

To be honest, I grew tired of my old decor. It no longer sparked joy for me, and the idea of pulling it out was giving me grief just thinking about it.

I really wanted something new this year. If I don’t find the classic, long lasting styles I crave for my home, I’m going to be stuck with the same tree as last year.

It’s been a long time since I’ve hosted both at my home and my shop, so I want my holiday decor to be spectacular (and of course impress all my friends and family at the same time). 

Here’s the thing — If you’re a lover of the farmhouse, French country style, you know there’s no “one stop shop” for all of the things you need in your home this season.

So, this made my research even harder! 

Since I knew I was going to be making a big investment this year, I decided to check out some of the long lasting Christmas décor trends that we will see in 2022 and beyond. 

Now, let’s start with the first trend we are seeing!

Big and full Christmas trees are a major Christmas décor trend of 2022. Amitha Verma has these styles of trees at her store in Houston, Village Antiques.

Big, big trees are the most obvious Christmas Décor Trends for 2022

Gone are the skinny trees and the Charlie Brown trees that you may have seen in my own kitchen and throughout my shop over the past few years. They’ve all been replaced with large, luscious, full, flocked Christmas trees.

Smaller Christmas trees have been replaced with large, luscious, full, flocked ones as a big holiday decor trend for 2022.

And I’ll tell you, working with these trees over at my shop has been a joy to decorate because they are already so full and feel so luxurious and rich. 

Velvet Christmas Décor

The next Christmas décor trends of 2022 include everything you put on and around your big tree.

Velvet is everywhere!

Velvet ribbons such as the ones sold at Village Antiques in Houston, TX, are a major  Christmas décor trend for 2022.

This feels so decadent and brings in this luxurious style into our holiday decorating. Almost every ribbon I decided to include in our color schemes and designs throughout my shop this year is velvet.

Village Antiques’ unique velvet ribbon collection for 2022, designed by Amitha Verma, features a new cream style with a gold and beaded edge.

There are just a few exceptions and those are even more luxurious. It was exciting to work with artisans to create a range of velvet ribbons from skinny to wide widths.

We played around with jewel tones such as rich reds, blues, and greens. We also included softer versions of all these shades to match a multitude of color schemes.

Amitha Verma designed various different colors and sizes of velvet ribbons that are true to the many Christmas décor trends for 2022.

Styling ribbon is fun in its own right, but this year we wanted to build on that excitement by going beyond our usual blue and white.

Christmas Metallics

This next trending Christmas decor for 2022 celebrates rich metallics, textures and details.

I love this big comeback of metallic tones in our holiday decorating.

Even understated skinny ribbons at Village Antiques include the Christmas metallics trend for 2022.

There have been a lot of candy cane color combos (red and white), all white, and even some blue themes over the past few years, but it’s really nice to see some bling!

I knew this trend would be great to experience in an additional layer of ribbon throughout our holiday decor. There have been a few of our favorites, such as this rich, textured cream and gold metallic.

Amitha Verma designed metallic ribbons in silver and gold swirls and faux fur gold metallic stripes as part of Christmas décor trends for 2022.

This beautiful gold and silver combination swirl and this lovely cream ribbon with a beaded edge. 

Although these may seem a little bit blingy, they’re still somewhat understated and can easily go on a whitewashed tree or a glam tree. 

Honestly, even an all black and white or pink Christmas theme would benefit from some metallic tones!

Muted Gold

Speaking of metallics, another trending Christmas decor metal for 2022 are soft, muted, vintage style gold tones.

Muted vintage gold ornaments found at Village Antiques are one of many Christmas decor trends for 2022 designed by Amitha Verma.

Now, this is not a bright gold like the years before, but a very dull and as if it’s been aged over time. 

If you’re going for a vintage Christmas theme, this is the way to go for you.

Amitha Verma’s muted vintage gold crowns and ornaments found at Village Antiques naturally fall into the Christmas décor trends for 2022.

I’m looking forward to using these gorgeous crowns, especially these beautiful glass ornaments with gold detailing throughout all of my holiday decorating this year. 

If you have any vintage ornaments that you’ve been keeping in storage, now is the time to dust them off and let them shine!

Crystal and Mirror Décor

These next Christmas décor trends of 2022 really lean into the glam side of French country farmhouse style, and I am here for it!

Amitha Verma designed a variety of crystal and mirror finished tabletop and tree decor for Christmas 2022.

If you’re not a fan of covering your home in Christmas lights, crystal and mirrored finishes are an excellent way to enjoy the sparkle without cranking up your electricity bill!

Crystal has been a huge trend in the farmhouse, French country style.

I love using rustic textures such as whitewashed natural woods and roughened up edges and more, but I also love using glam throughout my projects.

A major hallmark for the Farmhouse by Amitha style is silk fabric or toile fabric with a rustic dining tables.

This is a major hallmark of our style, called Farmhouse by Amitha, where you will easily see us mixing a beautiful silk fabric or a toile fabric with a rustic dining table.

So for that reason, I love this incredible collection of antique style glass holiday decor from these stunning ornaments to these beautiful table top pieces.

Antique style glass and reflective ornaments designed by Amitha Verma are part of the  mirrored holiday decor trends for 2022.

Gingerbread Christmas Décor

Another deliciously beautiful favorite of mine that is trending in Christmas decor for 2022 is gingerbread.

Just promise me not to eat this one!

Gingerbread houses and trees found at Village Antiques are a big Christmas décor trend for 2022.

When I decorate my home, I match my tree decor to the colors in my living room.

So as I was thinking about how to freshen up my decor and my tree decorations, I knew I wanted to stick to colors that matched my home and the furnishings in my home. 

Can you imagine how excited was I to see all of this gorgeous gingerbread decor? 

This is a perfect neutral which matches my home and is something that my kids can absolutely enjoy as well.

The ceramic Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, people, and star-shaped cookies at Village Antiques look very realistic, but are not edible.

The ceramic Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, people, and star-shaped cookies look so realistic. 

In fact, the only complaint I’ve received is my boys say they’re sad they can’t eat it. 

Another beautiful trend that I’m seeing is the comeback of these really soft, pale blue tones. 

Amitha Verma designed a variety of pale blue ornaments as a big Christmas decor trend for 2022.

We’ve seen a lot of the medium tones and even rich blue tones over the last few years. So I was excited to be able to put together a collection of pale blue colors, which is quintessentially French country style.

Amitha Verma designed ornaments, ribbons, and stems in the pale blue color theme for her Christmas 2022 holiday collection.

While you know I love a good whitewashed tree, I just love how this shade of blue still feels like a neutral.

I am definitely eyeing these pale, soothing colors in ornaments, ribbon, decor, and stems for my own home.

Light Green Christmas Theme

Similarly, we’re also seeing soft pale greens trending in Christmas decor for 2022. 

To add to the light green Christmas theme trend for 2022, Amitha Verma worked with artisans to design stems and ornaments for her store, Village Antiques, in Houston, TX.

This has been a breath of fresh air for holiday trends. We’ve all seen the whitewashed and the gold and the bright greens, but these beautiful soft greens are so beautiful and calming and thus far has been a huge hit with our clients.

Animal Christmas Trend

Last, but certainly not least, of my favorite trends has been the introductions of animals into holiday decorating. 

Amitha Verma adds full-sized teddy bears to her Christmas decorating for 2022.

Before, you may have only seen deer in the way of holiday decor, but now I consider this a trend because there is so much we can do with animals in our decorating.

Even if you have the most glam tree ever, there is something that you can find your way into the tree from birds to butterflies, teddy bears, owls, deer and more.

Amitha Verma styles her 2022 Christmas trees with birds, butterflies, teddy bears, owls, deer and more.

This year, my personal favorite are the baby and mama owls. Their pom pom shapes feel familiar for holiday decor, but their sweet faces make them all the more special.

One of Amitha Verma’s animal Christmas trend favorites for 2022 are the baby and mama owls she worked with artisans to create. Their pom pom shapes feel familiar for holiday decor, but their sweet faces make them all the more special.

While I do love an all white Christmas, this year I am excited to have even more choices than in year’s past.

There are options to create not one, but many different styles of beautiful farmhouse, French country style, holiday décor and decorations in my home and yours!

A finished vignette at Village Antiques, designed and styled by Amitha Verma using the Christmas décor trends for 2022.

It truly is difficult for me to pick my favorite trends for Christmas 2022, so I’ll let you decide on this one.

As you can see, I am not a fan of paper decorations or plastic tinsel. Everything in this collection was designed with longevity in mind.

I really had to take a moment before we opened up the shop to anyone to just revel and enjoy the beauty of this year’s interior design and Christmas decor trends.

Big Christmas tree décor trends for 2022, velvet ribbons, metallics, muted gold, crystal and mirror decor, gingerbread, pale blue, light green, and animals all in one finished vignette at Village Antiques in Houston, TX.

Now with all of these in mind, the only dilemma is to decide which scheme to take home and put on my new tree. Off I go!

Keep using your amazing design gifts to create heart in your home, 


P.S. You can find all of these early fall decorating items at our retail store, Village Antiques in Houston.

Please stop by and check out our collection of farmhouse-style furniture, French country home decor, antiques, vintage, chalk finish paints, and more!

We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

You can also reach us at (713) 468 – 3931

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