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French Country Farmhouse Easter | How To Style A Simple Kitchen Island Centerpiece | Amitha Verma

I couldn’t find French country farmhouse Easter decor, so I designed it myself!

My shop, Village Antiques | Farmhouse Decor & Furniture by Amitha, in Houston, TX just launched a completely artisan crafted, vintage-inspired collection of rabbit centerpieces, wreaths, glassware, chicken wire, floral wall hangings, and so much more. 

This new line of French country farmhouse decor makes me so excited for the spring and summer 2022, that I had to bring some of these pieces home!

Today I am sharing a few small ways that I am styling my kitchen island with just a handful of these fresh releases, just in time for Easter.

In today’s blog you’ll see how I do it all using:

The trick to decorating a kitchen island

The trick to styling an island is to think about it as you would your Easter table.

First you can just think about maybe a grounding piece to start your design with. This could be a table runner or linen napkins that you may lay down in the center of your island.

The trick to styling an island is to think about it as you would your dining table, according to Amitha Verma. This includes using a table runner, breadboard, doughbowl, or a centerpiece.

Then, come up with a centerpiece. 

Oftentimes I’ll use an oversized or large breadboard to give me a border of where I want to work. 

Alternatively, you could simply use a large bowl or dough bowl to create a focal point for your centerpiece. 

In my case, I’m actually not going to follow any of these principles because I’m going to create a collection of grouped items. 

These will act as that centerpiece or the center direction of my island.

Rabbit as the centerpiece

I’m going to start with one of my most favorite French country farmhouse Easter decor pieces from the shop; the rabbit.

Amitha Verma starts her French country farmhouse Easter kitchen island design with a new centerpiece rabbit from her Houston shop, Village Antiques.

I know that an Easter bunny feels like it has an expiration date, but I worked with an artisan to make sure that this little guy could be out all season long. 

Because of the attention to detail, colors, and the overall quality of this piece, rather than it feeling like a temporary addition to your home, this rabbit feels like it emcompases the whole spring season. 

So when I saw this, I knew he was the perfect candidate for a long lasting piece of home decor.

The fur, colors, fabric, and overall attention to detail in the vintage inspired Easter rabbit designed by Amitha Verma make it a perfect heirloom piece.

Between his Lapin-style fur, wired ears, the sturdy velvet and cotton fabric of his overalls, the mix of vibrant and muted colors, his solid bow tie, and the imperishable Easter egg basket that he carries with pride, he deserves to be out all season. 

This is one that I consider an heirloom piece. In fact, I think of everything from my new collection this way. 

These are pieces that I’m going to enjoy, put away carefully, and happily bring out for years to come. Then, I will pass them along to my children and hopefully one day my grandchildren. 

This rabbit in particular is so stunning that it could be a standalone item, but if you know me, I’m going to keep going. 

French country farmhouse Easter baskets, bowls, and vases

It wouldn’t be a French country farmhouse Easter without florals, eggs and candies. This is where I bring in the spring baskets, bowls, or vases to store those items.

To create a French country farmhouse Easter centerpiece, Amitha Verma uses baskets, bowls, or vases to store extra decor into.

I grabbed a couple of items to work in this grouping:

  1. Chicken wire tiered basket
  2. Vintage style pitcher
  3. Antique inspired glassware
 Amitha Verma uses a chicken wire tiered basket to swap out seasonally specific decor or it can house fruits and dried goods.

I love the double tier chicken wire basket for so many reasons. This could be used to swap out seasonally specific decor or it can house fruits and dried goods. It’s perfect to display out on your island or your countertop.

The wire pattern feels so farmhouse, which of course makes its way into any projects that I work on. 

Amitha Verma uses a vintage style pitcher for her French country farmhouse Easter centerpiece to house her florals.

I also brought in a vintage style pitcher because it shares similar pink, green, and rosey shades from the rabbit’s clothing. This is the perfect vessel to house my florals. 

Lastly, I love working with antique style glassware because of the glam that it adds. It wouldn’t be French country farmhouse style without!

 Amitha Verma uses antique style glassware to add glam to her French country farmhouse Easter centerpiece.

That’s why I included this gorgeous new blush toned glass with etching details and a beaded edge. So this is going to help me form the plan for my island design. 

How to fill these Easter baskets, bowls, and vases

Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on this French country farmhouse Easter kitchen island!

Let’s start with the chicken wire basket. All I did was simply add in some paper mache Easter eggs. 

To fill her chicken wire basket, Amitha Verma adds paper mache eggs to create the French country farmhouse Easter style.

If you watched my 2022 trends video, you know that bold colors are coming back this year, so these are a nice way to explore that a bit. However, if you’re not a big fan of color, you can use a more neutral beige or nature inspired palette with blue and green ones.

Of course, you can fill it up as much as you like. Just make sure you add enough for egg hunts with your kiddos!

What I love about this wire basket is you’re not just seeing the eggs from the top, but all throughout. 

Amitha Verma adds fresh flowers to her pitcher to create the French country farmhouse Easter style.

After that, I added a couple of fresh flowers to my pitcher, and kept them trimmed pretty low so they wouldn’t overpower the rabbit. I really want him to be the tallest object in this design.

Amitha Verma ends off her French country farmhouse Easter centerpiece by placing candy into her pink glassware bowl.

Then, I placed some jelly beans into my glassware, did some final adjustments to make sure every piece was in view, and my French country farmhouse Easter kitchen island design was complete!

Final French country Farmhouse Easter Island Centerpiece

I kept it very simple and didn’t use some of the layers I usually use, like a breadboard or a table runner. The reason why is because I wanted the beautiful colors to pop out, especially in contrast to the white countertops. 

The final French country Farmhouse Easter kitchen island centerpiece styled and designed by Amitha Verma.

I hope you’ve loved seeing all of the beautiful pieces that I have been using today to create this gorgeous centerpiece.

Everything in today’s blog is available over at my shop. 

So, if you see anything that you like please send me an email, a direct message, or give us a call. We’d love to help get some of these beautiful spring decor pieces into your home. 

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