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Farmhouse Fall Decor | 3 Simple Ways to Style a Home With Pumpkins | Amitha Verma

When it comes to farmhouse fall decor, nothing beats the power of a velvet pumpkin to create a cozy feel!

That’s why I knew I had to share the three ways that you can style these throughout your home, using the collection from my shop, Village Antiques.

We get these in every fall and they fly off the shelves for good reason.  

What sets these apart from other velvet pumpkins is they have real stems, a sturdy weight to them, and the velvet is so unbelievably lush you have to feel them to understand. 

In fact, during a recent dinner party that I hosted, my guests were so enamored with the look and feel of these pumpkins that they spent more time petting my decor and asking me how I styled them than eating the display of food that I made!

I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or offended…

  1. Small Velvet Pumpkin Arrangements
  2. Medium Velvet Pumpkin Arrangements
  3. Large Velvet Pumpkins
  4. Where To Find This Piece of Farmhouse Fall Decor

Small Velvet Pumpkin Arrangements

Naturally, I want to start big and show you the most complicated setup first, but I really want you to love this project and actually take it on, so I’m going to start with the easiest way that you can add pumpkins into your home; small velvet pumpkin arrangements.

Amitha Verma decorates small side tables using velvet pumpkins from her Houston shop, Village Antiques, in medium and small sizes.

To start small, focus your collection on a compact surface like a side table, nightstand, or a coffee table.

I did exactly that on a petite side table at my shop where I wanted to add a little pop of farmhouse fall decor. 

A petite side table found at Village Antiques is the perfect surface to add a small velvet pumpkin farmhouse fall decor arrangement styled by Amitha Verma.

When I’m looking to create an arrangement of pumpkins, I always look for assorted sizes. In a collection like this, I pick two sizes in one of these varieties:

  • Large and medium
  • Large and small
  • Medium and small

Whichever I choose, I make sure to get 3-4 pumpkins total and then select two to three different colors.

To select the color palette, I look around at my existing decor and use it as a guide to help me land on the right colors. The room I’m working with has neutrals like grey, cream, white, and a pop of dark color in the wooden furniture. So, I opted for shades of blue, grey, and beige.

Amitha Verma begins her small velvet pumpkin farmhouse fall decor arrangements by first placing the largest pumpkin down and then adding small assorted colored pumpkins in front.

To start arranging, I begin with the largest pumpkin first and then I just work my way down in size.

Medium Velvet Pumpkin Arrangements

Medium-sized collections of farmhouse fall decor are perfect for your dining or breakfast tables.

Whenever I start moving on to longer surfaces like tables, buffets, and islands, I first lay down one or two grounding pieces with classic farmhouse decor. 

On a dining table, that might be a runner with a breadboard to add a natural element, or a tray on top. Having these extra layers on top creates an area to house all of your pumpkins together in a collected, special way.

Before creating a medium velvet pumpkin arrangement on a table, Amitha Verma places a runner and breadboard down. This sets the foundation for farmhouse fall decor.

For a medium collection, you’re going to need about 6-8 different pumpkins in assorted sizes.

Amitha Verma places the larger velvet pumpkins down on medium sized arrangements and then fills in with smaller sizes.

You also want to pay attention to the scale here. By that, I am referring to the size of the pumpkins you should select for your table top.

For example, on this table I used a smaller breadboard, so that allows me to work with smaller pumpkins.

The final medium velvet pumpkin arrangement designed by Amitha Verma sits on top of a small breadboard.

So, here I started with my medium pumpkins because that’s the largest size in this design and then added the extra small ones as finishing touches.

My Favorite Farmhouse Fall Decor Arrangement Using Large Velvet Pumpkins

Now we are onto my favorite way of styling velvet pumpkins! Of course it’s big, it’s all-out, it’s maximalism, and I know you’re going to love it. 

Yes, we’re onto the large velvet pumpkin arrangements.

To create a large velvet pumpkin arrangement, Amitha Verma used 8-12 pumpkins in her farmhouse fall decor design at Village Antiques.

For this, you need more surface area to work with, so look for a large oversized breadboard, tray, or low bowl.

I used a long rectangular shaped breadboard to build my farmhouse fall decor pumpkin collection on top of.

Before creating a large farmhouse fall decor velvet pumpkin arrangement, Amitha Verma places a large rectangular breadboard on top of a buffet from Village Antiques.

This time you can use 8-12 pumpkins ranging from sizes XL-XS.

Pro tip: when you’re creating your design, at least 50 percent of your pumpkins should be on the medium to extra-large size. The other half should be medium to extra small. This allows each pumpkin to show without getting lost in the crowd.

Fifty percent of the farmhouse fall decor velvet pumpkins that Amitha Verma uses in her large arrangements are medium to extra-large sized. The other half is medium to the extra small.

Because you’re working with so many more pumpkins, this is also a great way to bring in additional colors, especially some of the darker richer tones that remind us of fall leaves. 

If you run out of pumpkins but have more room to fill, have fun with it! Add in some seasonal fall home decor that you have around your home and sit it next to the pumpkins. 

When one runs out of pumpkins while decorating a large velvet pumpkin arrangement, Amitha Verma suggests filling in with votives, candlesticks, gold tray, and staffordshire dogs as additional farmhouse fall decor.

Examples of this could be some glass votives, candlesticks, a little gold tray, or even little ceramic Staffordshire dogs. Whatever you choose, go with the colors in your home in the style that you’re creating.

Where To Find This Piece of Farmhouse Fall Decor

White pumpkins are a farmhouse classic, but these small, medium, and large velvet pumpkin arrangements make for the perfect farmhouse fall table centerpiece and fall farmhouse living room decor.

If you’re interested in buying a collection of velvet pumpkins for your home, stop by Village Antiques in Houston today, to get your very own curated collection. Myself, or my amazing team will help you style a grouping to match your home. 

We are located at 1200 Blalock Rd #350, Houston, TX 77055

If you live out of town, not to worry, we can ship these to you. Give us a call at 713-468-3931 to schedule a FaceTime shopping appointment.

We are almost sold out, so please call or stop in today to get your collection.

They’re arguably the best piece of autumn decor whether you are wondering how to decorate for fall for a fall table, fall buffet, fall mantel or just need some farmhouse fall decorating ideas for 2021. 

One customer loved her collection of velvet pumpkins so much that she admitted that she has been recommending them to everyone she knows as her favorite fall decorations! 

If you want to be the first to know when new decor like this comes into the shop, don’t forget to sign up for your free newsletter to get notifications every time a new blog comes out. 

Keep using your amazing design gifts to create heart in your home, 


P.S. Please stop by and check out our collection of farmhouse-style furniture, french country home decor, antiques, vintage, chalk finish paints, and more!

We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

You can also reach us at (713) 468 – 3931. 

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