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Farmhouse Design Trends | 5 Ugly Trends Coming Back Into Style | Amitha Verma

Neal, my husband, was mortified by the “ugly” (his words) farmhouse design trends I was bringing into the shop for the upcoming seasons. 

He was surprised to see styles that he thought were long gone come back into style. I’ve always had a keen eye for unconventional decor. Neal may be onto something here—but I’ll let you decide whether these farmhouse trends for 2021-22 are hideous or worth bringing into your home. 

In this post you’ll see these 5 upcoming designs trends:

  1. “Ugly” Farmhouse Trend 1: Staffordshire Dogs
  2. “Ugly” Trend 2: Blue & White
  3. “Ugly” Trend 3: Modern Art
  4. “Ugly” Trend 4: Large Prints & Patterns
  5. “Ugly” Design Trend 5: Goopy Lighting

Watch this video episode now:

“Ugly” Farmhouse Trend 1: Staffordshire Dogs

Staffordshire Dog figures are also known as hearth spaniels or fireplace dogs in farmhouse design. They were often placed overtop of the mantelpiece. These earthenware figurines have been popular since the 18th century, and were recognized as a Victorian status symbol in England and Scotland. 

Two Staffordshire ceramic dogs sitting upright on a bookshelf in lavender and blue colorways, a resurging farmhouse design trend for 2021, by Amitha Verma.

A few years ago, Neal banned Staffordshire ceramics from entering our home. He says they look “creepy”—something his great, great grandmother would have hidden in an attic somewhere. 

Because the original red and white coloring would not go with our interior design, I can agree with that. However, I think he’s being a bit harsh and not seeing these collector items’ full potential. These figurines come in many different breeds and color variations to suit a wide range of decor styles. That makes them perfect pieces to add character to your mantle, bookshelf, vanity, or kitchen. 

Traditionally, these come in red and white, but I love how the new design trend has expanded past that. Now you can find these Staffordshire pieces in lavender, blue and white, black and many more colors.

 One orange Staffordshire ceramic dog laying down on a bookshelf in orange colorway, a resurging farmhouse design trend for 2021, by Amitha Verma.

Though I can see why Neal doesn’t like them, what he doesn’t know is I’ve already designated the perfect spot for two Staffordshire dogs next to my desk. 

“Ugly” Trend 2: Blue & White

Blue and white pottery have been around for over a thousand years. The ancient Mesopotamians were credited for inventing the first blue glaze. Later the Chinese developed iconic botanical patterns in that blue glaze that later inspired European Chinoiseries.

Compilation of blue and white plates, bowls, planters, and decor to show the resurfacing of the blue and white farmhouse design trend in 2021, by Amitha Verma.

I recently shared a YouTube video about different styles of blue & white ceramics, and it’s definitely making a huge comeback. Though, one could argue that this is a timeless look. 

Neal isn’t a fan of this farmhouse design trend. He thinks the blue and white feels cold and impersonal. In small doses, blue and white planters, ginger jars, and bowls can serve as a pop contrast to existing decor.

“Ugly” Trend 3: Modern Art

This next “ugly” trend might surprise you. Modern art is a big “love it” or “hate it” style in the farmhouse community. 

Modern art farmhouse design trend in a Village Antiques vignette, by Amitha Verma.

When you think of farmhouse art, landscapes are probably the first style that comes to mind. However, it’s not uncommon to see brighter colors, abstract brush strokes in paintings and art prints. 

I would love to see how adding a canvas or two can elevate my space. Modern art contrasts beautifully against an eighteenth-century, finer detailed painting. Because they compliment each other so well, I plan to do this on a wall in my dining room. This juxtaposition will make my beautiful antiques really pop. 

The contrast of new and old makes each piece feel special. This is exactly what we want to go for in a modern farmhouse aesthetic. 

“Ugly” Trend 4: Large Prints & Patterns

Large print canvas art with bright colors and florals at Village Antiques.

Similar to modern art, I’ve noticed a resurgence of large prints and patterns in farmhouse-style homes. You’ll likely see this in the form of geometrics, but it’s not uncommon to see full-scale florals. 

The farmhouse design trend of large scale prints and patterns on a rug and pillow found at Village Antiques, by Amitha Verma.

This farmhouse trend is often shown in canvas art, but it’s gaining popularity in textile decor like pillows and rugs. 

For my maximalist friends, you will love this trend since it makes a big statement in any space. 

“Ugly” Design Trend 5: Goopy Lighting

Last but not least, I couldn’t forget to mention over-the-top goopy lighting. This is a huge “love it” or “hate it” trend”.

Large scale carved chandeliers with crystals at Village Antiques to show goopy lighting example, by Amitha Verma.

This light fixture has ALL The bells and whistles! It glitters even without being turned on, has ornamental carvings, and takes up a significant amount of ceiling real estate. 

Of course, this is another trend that Neal hates. I’ll confess, if you’re not careful with your farmhouse design, light fixtures like this can become an eyesore. 

I love the idea of a large-scale, statement light fixture to fill a space. It just depends on what’s going on in the area I’m working with. 

  • Rule of thumb – do the opposite. 
  • Busy room – go with a simplified light fixture.
  • Not-so-busy room – fill it up with an ornate light fixture.

I love all these trends. 

They may be unconventional, but they can add a lot of playfulness and contrast. These are two style elements that I’m always talking about in the French country and farmhouse style that I adore. 

All these design trends will eventually make their way into my home (despite Neal’s protests) in small doses.

I’d love to hear your thoughts—Do you love these trends for 2021? Leave a comment and let me know. You can’t wait to see these trends dissipate from the home design atmosphere if you’re anything like my husband. But if you’re like me, you’re likely open to trying new styles to refresh your home decor. 

Keep using your design gifts to create heart in your home,



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