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5 Ways to Decorate with Farmhouse Mirrors

This overlooked piece of home decor packs a lot of design punch, is a quick and easy home decor project, AND has a lot of functions.

Today we are talking about everything mirrors – from mirror arrangement, to how to use mirrors as home decor, where to place statement wall mirrors, long mirrors, farmhouse mirrors, french country style mirrors, and more!

One of the biggest decorating fights I ever got into it with my husband, Bobby (and Neal — he has two first names!) was about this beautiful antique large statement mirror that I wanted to bring into our home. We were just starting out in our home, and it was a big stretch for our budget, but I knew for the reasons that I’m going to share with you today, this was a must-have piece of home decor!

In the end, he relented, and when people come over, he often tells them, “Come over here and look at this beautiful antique wall mirror that I found.” Ha! I’ll let him have that one.

There are many reasons why I love using mirrors as decor and in decorating.

1) First and foremost, beautiful, large statement mirrors offer style and design without the busyness.

2) The second thing I love about mirrors is that they make a small space feel much bigger. If you’re working in a small or narrow room, such as a small living room, or narrow dining room like mine, this is a great way to make that space feel larger.

3) The third thing I love about antique, farmhouse, and French country mirrors is they allow you to embrace a variety of design styles. Personally, I love ornate pieces, highly carved, and very beautiful, goopy sorts of decor and decoration.

I can’t live with a lot of that all over my home and my living space, but I love looking at it all in one decor mirror, and that one piece of wall decor satisfies my design soul.

You might be looking for the same representation of yourself in art, which is really hard to find. Still, you can easily find a quirky, beautiful, or stylish mirror that’s going to capture the essence of you and give you all of those other benefits of a beautiful statement mirror.

What do you call mirrors that look old?

Whenever people come to my shop, they often ask me what the different types of mirrors are called, especially the mirrors that look old. There’s a huge range from:

  • old antique mirrors
  • trumeau mirrors
  • gilt mirrors
  • Louis Philippe mirrors
  • mirrors made out of old shutters, remnants and the like
  • chippy distressed mirror frames
  • antique mirror glass
  • mercury glass
  • chalk painted mirror frames
  • and many more…

How do you decorate with a mirror?

To answer that, I want to share with you a few particular types of mirrors to look for that will answer that question and some key areas where you can use, showcase, and enjoy these beautiful mirrors.

The Trumeau Mirror:

Available at Village Antiques

If you’ve got a blank wall, I would highly recommend you go for big statement rectangular mirrors. It’s a perfect spot to add a trumeau style mirror, which originally came from France. They designed these mirrors to look as if they were a window, and because of the extra light and space, it adds so much beauty into a home. If you have a panelled or wood wall, this is a perfect spot to add a trumeau or large statement mirrors.

From the highly carved details to their gorgeous rectangular shape, and almost full-length mirror these are a stunning way to add major style in your home.

Using a trumeau in at least one room of your home, is a signature Farmhouse by Amitha hallmark.

Available at Village Antiques

The Farmhouse Floor Mirror:

Whenever I’m looking to create a statement wall and replace a piece of furniture, I love using a floor mirror. These add drama and height and style into that space. There’s something about a floor mirror that just takes the place of several pieces of furniture, art, and clutter — removes all of those things and creates a “wow” impact.

See how we paired this floor mirror with a gorgeous accent chair to create a contrast of scale and make each piece feel important. We even created a little collection of mirrors in our mirror arrangement.

You can easily pair a floor-length mirror with a pair of wall sconces to take over an entire wall and create a statement wall with just a few pieces of home decor.

You might have even had one of these long mirrors in your home with a door mirror, same concept, but go bigger!

The Unique Farmhouse Mirror:

Available at Village Antiques

This is my favorite feature about mirrors, you can go wild, or classic, or quirky, whatever your style, you can easily find it in a mirror.

Whenever I’m working on a space that needs something behind a sofa, behind a buffet, down a long hallway, or even in a little vestibule, I look for what I call a “unique style mirror.”

This is something that’s really unusual and just makes me do a double-take. You can achieve that with a farmhouse mirror that has beautiful angel wings, something made out of reclaimed pieces of wood, or out of the ordinarily round or rectangle-shaped mirrors.

Available at Village Antiques

The hallmark of the French Country and farmhouse style is to take something that wouldn’t be a mirror and reclaim or repurpose it into a mirror. Those are the special touches that turn an ordinary house into your home.

More unexpected? Include farmhouse mirrors in rooms you wouldn’t ordinarily think of, such as in a kitchen, dining room, or on a small narrow wall.

The Chippy/Distressed Farmhouse Mirror:

There is no design project that I do where you won’t find a chippy or distressed mirror. Or in other words, you’ll find a chippy, distressed mirror in every one of my design projects.

This is another signature element of Farmhouse by Amitha.

Typically I use these as vanity mirrors in powder rooms, guest baths, or bathroom vanities. These work anywhere because that chippy, distressed patina helps create a livable, inviting, and cozy feeling into your home. The imperfections of the chippy/distressed finish help your room feel relatable.

The Chalk Finish Paint Farmhouse Mirror:

Available at Village Antiques

Whenever I’m thrifting, at a flea market, or antiquing, I love looking for old frames and then just brush them over with Amitha Verma chalk finish paint to create an easy DIY distressed, chippy frame that I can turn into a farmhouse mirror.

Farmhouse Mirror Frame Painted with Amitha Verma Chantilly White Furniture

The Gold Gilt Farmhouse Mirror:

Available at Village Antiques

Last but not least, I love to look for something gold. It’s like that old wedding adage where you want something borrowed and something blue. In your home decor, you need something gold.

Adding a little bit of gold can add fancy charm to even the most rustic spaces.

You can do this easily by adding a classic Louis Philippe or a highly gilt finish to create the look of a gold frame mirror. Whether it’s brand-new looking or worn down to the last bit of gold, it adds the perfect patina to your home.

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

I love mirrors for the beauty of the mirror, the frame, the carvings, the color, but the great thing is they’re also a highly functional piece of home decor. You can always use one to check yourself and make sure you’re looking good!

Adding one to your home is a quick and easy home improvement project that will add loads of style and functionality!

I shared a lot of beautiful farmhouse mirror ideas, so let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite type of mirror and which one are you excited to add into your own home.

Many of the mirrors in this week’s episode are sold at Village Antiques in Houston, open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, or you can shop our Instagram page here.

‘Till the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts!

In friendship,


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