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Want to Master the Art of Chalk Finish Painting? Here’s how…

You’ve seen the amazing transformations with our Amitha Verma Transform paint & products, and you may have even attended one of our free workshops. But now, I want to introduce you to the next step in your home transformation.

It’s all happening at our newest private workshop: Beyond Basics: Master the Art of Chalk Finish Painting, Sealing and Distressing!

When you book your private spot, a certified Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint teacher will show you how to master advanced furniture painting techniques, the art of distressing, and everything else you need to know to create a home you can be proud of.

During this fun, engaging workshop you’ll get to practice the following pro techniques on sample items that you will get to take home with you. You will learn:

– the perfect painting technique for a beautiful, professional designer results

– sealing your project to create a long lasting, durable family-friendly finish

– antique your piece with our signature antiquing glazes and create the rich patina of antique & designer finishes. We’ll show you our very process so you can create light antiquing and/or heavy antiquing to create your ideal project

– the fundamentals of distressing. We’ll teach how you to start, where to start and our favorite insider tools to get the most authentic results

Plus you’ll even leave with a handy instructional booklet you can use to recreate the same finishes you love on your own furniture and home decor.

Book Your Private Beyond Basics Workshop Here

Not sure if you have the time?

Remember, this workshop will save you weeks of precious time and thousands of your hard-earned dollars that you might otherwise spend buying overly-priced furniture.

Besides, this entire workshop was designed with your busy schedule in mind. So you can be sure you’re learning the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to transform your home effortlessly (while still having fun!).

Reserve Your Private Seat Here

In Friendship,

p.s. This workshop is a small class designed to give you a hands on experience and one-on-one attention from our teacher. Reserve your space today before we reach our 10 spot limit.

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