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Get Inspired: See how I radically transformed this boring commode…

Everyone has their favorite piece of furniture. Yours might be a buffet, a patio set or even a vanity. Mine is a classic French commode.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

A commode is a simple chest of drawers. But in typical French style – something simple becomes something incredibly detailed and unbelievably adorned. I love French Commodes for their stunning carvings, history and function – beautiful & practical – hello!

On one of my recent antiquing hunts, I came across this beauty in the making and knew I had to have it:

I was still in love with it even after seeing this hideous top:

If you’ve taken one of my workshops, you’ve learned how to see the potential in this piece that most people can’t.

Still skeptical that I could transform this piece into something beautiful?

Let me walk you through the transformation so you can see for yourself exactly how I transformed this ugly find into a designer masterpiece.

To start, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and make a custom blend of two of my favorite colors: I mixed ½ French Gray and ½ Jardin Green. I used this custom color to paint over the chest of drawers. But keep in mind, you can get equally stunning results with just one color, too!

French gray

Jardin Green

I left the paint to dry for 20 minutes. Then, I decided I wanted to create a wow factor. Although it might sound intimidating, I assure you it was very easy. I simply added a few drops of Champagne Yellow to Chantilly White to create a beautiful pale, pale yellow. I used this gorgeous custom color to paint over the commode’s stunning details.

Once the paint dried, I went back over the piece with my clear sealer for Chalk Finish Paint, Amitha Verma Protect Sealer.

I let that dry for 20 minutes and then went on to add a bit of my antiquing glazes, in both Gray & Brown.

Are you ready to see the “after” shot? (if you already scrolled down, scroll back up now and see how you can quickly & easily re-create this same look)

And now for the big reveal…

Now I want to hear from you:

What new and exciting projects are you working on?

Leave a comment and let us know. And don’t forget to send us your amazing before & after images! We love getting them so much that we huddle around the computer and ohh and ahh over your projects!

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Till next week – make your home special with your design gifts – you’ve got them in you!



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