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How to Makeover Your Sofa…with Paint!

Have you caught the bug that’s going around?

Not the flu.

And not a stomach bug.

You know the one…

…the Amitha Verma Paint bug that makes you want to transform everything in sight – even your sofa!

Our team member, Wendy, caught it and walked into the office with a newly transformed dining room chair.

That’s right, Wendy painted her chair with Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint!

I couldn’t be more thrilled since this is a question I get asked often. But to be honest, I never knew how to respond. I know that you can use my paint on fabric and get unbelievable results, but I wasn’t sure how cozy the finish would be. And if you know me, I’m a lover of all things cozy, plush and velvety!

So if you’ve ever thought about painting your sofa, you definitely won’t want to miss this video where you’ll see exactly how her chair turned out:

Now I want to hear your opinion:

Would you paint your sofa? Leave a comment to let me know!

Know anyone who is embarrassed by their sofa? Maybe you have a co-worker who is itching to get a new one. Who doesn’t have ugly fabric? (I’m raising my hand!). Do them a favor and share this video!

‘Til Next Time, keep on rocking your home with your natural design gifts.




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