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Make your map

Are you overwhelmed with all of the things you want to do this year?

Before I start any project, my mind is exploding with ideas….

So to reign it all in, I’ve created a 3-step process I use to start every project.

Whether I’m starting a client’s design project or decorating my own home, I always start with the same three exercises.

Exercise #1: Chunk down your projects into broad categories. The title of the project should be the goal you want to achieve

I start by writing down everything I’m trying to achieve in a high-level, category approach. I don’t write down every object I’m going to buy or task that I am going to do but specifically hit each category.

(If you love making lists, you will love this process!)

So for example my list might look like this:

2018 Categories

  • Design Master Bedroom
  • Design Powder Bathroom
  • Plan Verma family reunion
  • Start Customer Design Project

Exercise #2: Map out the tasks within the project (project = category)

Next, start jotting out the tasks needed to fulfill this goal.

So for instance, let’s say we’re talking about the first category or goal of designing my master bedroom.

I start by writing down all the things I need to do to finish that project.

  • Get a few sheets of paper
  • Measure the room
  • Draw the shape of your room on paper and indicate the dimensions
  • Draw in any doorways, windows and openings
  • Make notes of any obstacles you need to work with
  • Draw in 3 furniture layouts
  • Meet with hubby to see what he likes
  • Select one layout
  • Make a list of items needed
  • Shop for items
  • Install items
  • Make a list of missing items
  • Look for missing items
  • Install missing items
  • Clean up
  • Move on to next project

I know what you’re thinking… “Amitha, this looks too hard.”

I get it. But you have to fight the temptation to skip this exercise. It’s not as hard as you think.

It only appears that way since you’ve never done this before. And once you make this list out, it becomes your roadmap.

This list will guide you along versus the scattered approach that comes along with responding to every random thought that pops into your mind!

Exercise #3: Start Doing!

Now that you’ve completed those two key exercises, you can finally start doing!

The very next thing I do is assign dates to each project based on a realistic view of my life ;) Yes, include extra time for snow days with kids and the other unexpected things life throws our way.

Assign a date for each task and start doing.

I’ll share more with you on how to juggle all the task but at this point, we’re just making our map!

I’d love for you to take an hour today and an hour tomorrow as a follow up to do this exercise. I know you’re thinking 2 hours – Amitha come on!

Remember, at the end of this exercise you will have a road map of what you want to achieve this year and how to do it!

So let’s get this convo going… leave a comment and let me know:

Will you use these three exercises to start your next project?

Does any of it sound intimidating to you?

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you think these exercises will help you start your projects with greater ease and confidence.

With love,


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