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Tips for a Spring Spruce-Up!

Spring is here, and the gorgeous weather just makes me feel like throwing on a pair of yoga pants and decluttering my house from top to bottom!

One of my favorite things to do twice a year is just pull out all the contents of our closets and cabinets and reorganize them. It just makes me feel better to simplify, sort out and update.

How many of you have just the right amount of storage space in your home? If you do, I’m so envious! We barely have one shallow closet in each room, which leaves with me very limited storage options, so I love getting creative with storage solutions!

Believe it or not, our antique store is actually a great place to look for pieces to help you get organized. Vintage pieces like large baskets can be spread throughout the house to help organize shoes, socks, linens, extra pillows and much more. These are also great for home office spaces where clutter can accumulate.

Check out a few of the baskets we have in the shop right now.

I could see these layered in a mudroom or even home office. And don’t you just love the little metal touches on them? Metal tones are so in right now, these are totally on trend.

I love this work table with the basket underneath. This is how I like to look at fabrics, paints and other things I don’t need right away but like to catch a glimpse of now and then.

Or how about a basket to tuck away in a closet, or even in a great room to hold linens and extra pillows?

I love this use of a basket in a bathroom – it makes having a lack of storage a charming problem to solve.

Another great piece to help with organization is an antique armoire. We tend to think of armoires as useful only for housing televisions, but investing in one of these pieces is a really beautiful way to create storage. The best thing about them? Everything is accessible from a standing position, so you don’t have to bend over to reach the things you’ve stored inside.

Can’t you just imagine this gorgeous French armoire filled with down pillows, extra linens and all your cozy winter sweaters!?

It just goes to show – when you think of storage, you should always think outside the box, literally! Not everything has to fit into pristine white built-in cabinets. I have an armoire in our master bedroom that houses all my sweaters and scarves, and one in the guest room which my mom often uses when she visits, and where we store all our holiday linens.

I can see these filled to the brim with linens, or baby clothes, or even all those stacks of books and magazines you never know what to do with!

Here are a few new pieces we just got in:

Another great storage piece I love is a commode or chest of drawers. These are so lovely, and perfect when used next to a bed, or as as a petite dresser. Usually they have three drawers, and so are another great place to store items. I recommend using this space for storage you need in your room, like for children’s toys, socks, undergarments, books and so forth.

Isn’t this room so inspiring?! And I could sure store a lot of things away in that gorgeous commode!

Another lovely room with a few of my favorite colors. I love the wallpaper in this room – what do you think, could you live with a wallpapered bedroom? I’m thinking about it, but that subject will have to wait for another post…

All I can say is classic, classic, classic!

I used to get frustrated by the lack of storage in my home, and now I squeal with excitement at all the opportunities (blank walls) that I can fill with commodes, chests, armories and secretaries, which is what I’m always on the hunt for. My dear hubby feels like I make up rooms when I find a fabulous piece we can add in!

Here are a few gorgeous chests or commodes that would be just beautiful in a bedroom.

And if you have the room, a traditional full-length dresser can add just the perfect vintage touch.

I could go on and on about all the lovely storage items that we currently have, but I’ll reserve a few for our Facebook pictures.

I’ll leave with you with one last image of a pantry project where we custom designed all the cabinetry and millwork designs to fit the client’s storage needs – that’s how much we love organizing! My other favorite organization tip: once I’ve got my “beautiful antique pieces”, I make sure to pay a visit to the Container Store. I always wait for the Holiday Card to come out every year and get 20% off on all my cubbies and containers. Between my few gorgeous French antiques and my containers, I make progress every spring and fall!

Till next week… happy organizing!

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