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The key 4 elements of my style and how you can use them

I just got asked a great design question!

Last weekend, I was talking to a customer about the latest design trends. One word that often comes up is “eclectic.”

She had a ton of questions.

She wanted to know: is that a style?

Do I use it?

Should she use that style in her home?

And more importantly, will the “eclectic” trend go out of style?

Whenever I work on a design project I have a few go-to elements that I use to give it my signature style.

And one of the biggest tools that I use is the eclectic style!

Now, this can mean many different things to many different people, so let me define how I use it.

I take a mix and match approach to seamlessly blend antiques to create a modern day look.

To achieve this look, I often do the following:

  • mix different period antiques
  • lean towards more lifestyle friendly antiques
  • mix painted and non-painted antiques
  • use metal tones such as brass and bronze
  • Avoid using “sets” of furniture to complete a room – such as using a dining room set or bedroom set with all matching pieces

Element 1

So for example, I am working on a living room – I might opt for a new construction sofa and pair it with antique side chairs.

This is an example of the eclectic style.

Or if I am working on a bedroom, I often use similar but different nightstands on either side of the bed.

The trick, is to have some similarity in the pieces you are pulling such as color palette, scale or style of the piece

As well, when working on a room stick to 2 to 3 different styles, periods, and finishes at the most.

More than that will start to look very chaotic and unorganized.

Your eye will take in each piece individually rather than a beautifully designed cohesive room.

Element 2

Another tool that I use in my signature style and to tie in the eclectic look is to keep a lighter color palette.

I love lighter paint tones for walls and ceilings to allow me the flexibility of working with darker tones in my fabrics and furniture.

A few favorite colors right now:

Alabaster White (my go to white) by Sherwin Williams

Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Element 3

Lifestyle friendly worn antiques are a must in any project that I work on.

The word “antique” can range from period specific Museum quality pieces all the way to vintage shop signs.

So, when I include antiques in my projects I look for time worn pieces that will only look better with a little more wear and tear.

Element 4

A little sparkle. I know this sounds a bit superfluous and over the top. It’s supposed to!

You can easily add a little sparkle into your own design projects by adding:

  • Gilt
  • Mirrors
  • Crystal

And I often use all three and more on every design project.

So what was your favorite part – something you can add into your home today? Let’s get this convo going – leave a comment in the comments section and share your thoughts!

Many of the pieces we use on our projects come from Village Antiques.

We carry the finest, hand-picked antiques from around the world.

So if you want to recreate this look in your own home, be sure to stop by Village Antiques. We’d love to help you reach your design goals this years.

And if you have the pieces to create the eclectic style but they are too mismatched give them a furniture makeover using the Amitha Verma Home Restoration Line of our patent-pending chalk finish paint.

And if you’d like to try our paint, you can view our full selection on our site here.

Till the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts!

With love,


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