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Antiquing with Antlers

Last week, my darling son was sad about Valentine’s Day being over and asked me, “Mima what comes after Valentine’s Day?” Not wanting to disappoint him, I cast about for some inspiration and quickly responded, “The Rodeo!”

I was still thinking about that conversation when I went in to work, and it got me thinking about Texan culture, and how it creeps into our interiors even when they are inspired by European old-world principles of scale and classicism.

There is nowhere that this Texan influence is more apparent than in the antlers that can be found all over our shop! Antlers are something of an acquired taste, and I’ll be the first to admit it. But they’ve grown on me now, and I love how you can mix them with other pieces to create a display that exudes elegance. Take a look at these lovely intaglios framed by a pair of antlers.

Often when I think of antlers, it makes me imagine a kind of design that is inspired by farm- or ranch-style living. But I just love the contrast of these antlers with those gorgeous classical moldings! Don’t you think sometimes contrast works better than over-matching?

I like the idea of design that surprises you with its freshness. Sometimes that can come from pairing unlikely pieces, like these antlers with transferware, or even creamware.

The contrast in textures is so eye-catching, and I love the elegance of the very charming check-patterned fabrics in the next room!

This space comes across as more masculine and conveys more of a ‘heavy’ feeling to me. What do you think?

Here’s an interesting use of antlers: they’re made to be a chandelier!

Here are a few very interesting antler pieces at our own shop:

This antler table is quite fascinating. This could be a dynamic foyer piece, be placed behind a sofa or even used as a petite library table. How do you think it could be used?

I love these little antler light fixtures! Very organic.

And of course we always have plenty of decorative wall pieces.

Available at Village Antiques
Available at Village Antiques

And some great tabletop pieces! Look at these unique candle holders! Perfect for the cabin.

Available at Village Antiques

This bar set will really get your conversation flowing!

Available at Village Antiques

What do you think? Is this a long lasting design staple or a fading trend? Down south I think it’s here to stay!

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