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I’ll never forget that day

Recently, I was at a baby shower and the most unusual thing happened.

All of us were playing a party game with the mom-to-be.

And then, suddenly, all of the women in the room started nostalgically recalling, in specific detail, the days, hours and minutes leading up to their child’s birth.

This wasn’t just the younger mothers. Women in their 60s and 70s were transported to the very moment they gave birth.

I actually felt a little bit guilty as we were there to celebrate this new mom to be, but we could not stop sharing our own stories!

Each year as Mother’s Day approaches I look back on the moment in my own life when I saw my first son R.I’m sure you do the same!

It was a breathtaking, life-changing moment that surpassed anything I had ever experienced. And then I was lucky enough to experience it again with my second child D.

When I think about Mother’s Day, the only thing I truly want is to spend an afternoon with my boys riding bikes, having a picnic and reading the beautiful cards they make at school.

But when I think of my own mom, there is no gift big enough or special enough to express my love and gratitude for her. And trust me, she makes sure I know that ;) !

So instead of going big, I love spoiling my mom with a few beautiful things to make her feel special and enjoy a little beauty in the everyday things that she does.

Here are three things I know my mom (and I) would adore receiving for Mother’s Day.

These velvet bookmarks adorned with vintage cameos and charms would delight my mom, an avid fiction book reader

My mom adores beautiful art. This piece is stunning and perfect!

This would transform any mom’s closet into a delightful 18th dressing room right out of a chateau

If your mom loves home-makeover workshops, there is nothing better than the gift of your time.

Hopefully this gift guide has the perfect gift for your mom or at least provided a point of inspiration!

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

And don’t forget, to get the perfect gift head over to Village Antiques.

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