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Choosing the right size furniture

You’re walking through a store and you stumble upon a dining room set, light fixture, or an amazing sofa you just have to have.

In a state of excitement, you get the piece – only to realize it doesn’t fit your space.

It happened to me, too. (And Hubby was mad!).

Here’s what happened: While I was on the hunt for a home project, I spotted exquisite linen wing back chairs that were studded with big fat nail head trim. I fell madly in love with them, even though they weren’t my typical style.

Lost in a daze, I threw out my own rules and jumped in headfirst.

Sadly, when they got home it became immediately obvious that they were totally the wrong scale. They were far too deep and too tall for my petite house built in 1951. I should have known better since I always check the scale.

So to help you avoid making the same mistake, today’s episode of Amitha TV is all about helping you select the perfect dining table, light fixtures and using your home’s architecture as a guide.

Don’t forget the most important advice: trust your intuition. Seriously. You don’t give yourself enough credit. If the item you LOVE is a little too big or too small, get it anyway! That’s how you truly start to express your own style.

Tweetable: “The goal of art is the vital expression of self”

Have you ever bought an item that was the wrong size for your space? Share your experience in the comments below!

Want a new dining table but not sure how long you can really go?

Or maybe you’d like new light fixtures but you’re unsure about the height?

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