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sweet somethings…a very special gift for you inside

Sweet Somethings

This year something special happened.

I was watching my two little boys make their Valentine’s boxes for school and I was transported.

I was transported to my younger years when I used to participate in this same Valentine’s traditions.

All of it, the cards, the candies, the flowers and stickers used to fill me up with so much joy!

They have re-inspired my love for Valentine’s Day. And now I’m on the hunt for a little treat for myself – indulgent I know!

Check out these gorgeous Valentine’s gift ideas:

Forever Florals – permanent flower arrangements are stunning in these mercury glass vases

How about a glamorous tray for your boudoir, nightstand, or dressing area?

Pink, tufted velvet chair – need I say more? Tuck away in a corner of a room, large hallway or at a lovely writing table

Treat yourself with a little self-care with these all natural lip balms. After discovering her daughter was allergic to many of the ingredients in many cosmetics, Truth Luxurious designed a line of all natural skin care. Now, that’s love!

A little crystal

Romantic scripting always feels more beautiful!

Jewelry, it’s Valentine’s Day after all!

One of my favorite gifts, these handmade velvet bookmarks adorned with a vintage charm are the perfect Valentine’s gift for you and any book lover in your family.

This antique chocolate box from France is truly decadent. It came from Paris, and is one of a kind. A rare and lovely Valentine treat!

So what do you think?

What are you going to treat yourself to today? Or are you going to gift a loved one?

Leave a comment and let us know!

So come visit us, we’d love to help you scout out the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Enjoy this special day and celebrate love.

With love,


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