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Trend Report: Announcing the Color of the Year!

So, every year, an official “color of the year” is announced which you’ll see trickle down in home décor, fashion schemes, paint trends, stationary, and more.

There’s also usually an unofficial color scheme, which will pop up in design magazines and on the runway.

But today, let’s chat about this year’s official color of the year, shall we?


Marsala, a gorgeous terracotta red shade, has been named the official color of the year by Pantone: the color experts.

Before I go any further, what’s your gut feeling about Marsala?

Do you love it or hate it? Sound off in the comments below.

Personally, I must admit that I wasn’t crazy about this color at first glance. Which is strange for me considering I love color.

I found Marsala to be too reminiscent of brown for my taste. In fact, I attempted to write this blog earlier this year when the color was announced, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

But then, variations of Marsala started showing up in antiques, rugs, and fashion.

And it started to grow on me…

So maybe Marsala is an acquired taste for some of us. While others love it instantly.

Nevertheless, I’ve grown really fond of this year’s color. Its deep shades of plum, burgundy and wine tones made me swoon.

Its subtle yet striking hue adds an unexpected pop of color in any area…without being too “in your face.”

For example, this cut-out from Vogue features Marsala curtains that instantly add warmth and depth to this fun bedroom:

And beautiful is this vintage chair?

Here’s an antique painted door – I have to admit, Marsala does age well!

An important benefit of this color is that it blends really well with our favorite color palettes – blues, grays, greens and creams.

I’ll let you be the judge…just check out this cozy family room:

The color blends effortlessly with blues & greens providing a subtle yet sophisticated contrast.

As you can see, Marsala has a mysterious, deep beauty making it easy to pull off in any space.

It adds instant maturity, a sense of formality, age, character and refinement to any room – just like the name suggests!

Would you give this color a spin?

Or are you already a Marsala aficionado with hints of its tones already in your décor?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts – I love to read them!

And if you love this blog – be sure to share with a friend!


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