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Designer Hacks on how-to Create a World Famous Design Style

Do ever yearn of creating the stunning, effervescent summery chic “cottage style” but aren’t sure exactly how to get started? Or do you wish to capture a bit of the cottage style but add a touch of glam? While the end result appears simply effortless, there are certain elements you need to successfully pull off this classic style.

Changing the décor of your home to match the seasons is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to keep your home fresh. I love taking inspiration from the long, lazy days of summer and adding a few brighter touches throughout my home.

Are you ready? Then keep reading because I’m about to share my top five MUST HAVE summer styling pieces and exactly how I would use them.

These pieces will help transform your house into an idyllic summer cottage. But don’t think you can’t continue to use them in the fall! Almost all of these décor pieces will make sense during any season, so you can enjoy the cottage-style year round!

Antique Shutters Inside and Out

I absolutely adore this perfect “summer is here” statement piece! Use antique or vintage shutters to flank a long wall or piece of art, or place them behind a buffet or bed. If you want to take the look outdoors, you can install the shutters along a wall near an outdoor seating area to create timeless beauty.

The best part? These versatile pieces can be used year round to create major drama, texture and interest along any wall in your home. If you already have a pair of shutters, but need to create the antique look, then our Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint is just what the doctor ordered!

Do the Unexpected: Add Statement Iron Pieces Indoors

Bring a bit of the beautiful rough luxe texture indoors with antique iron fragments. I love this stunning, oversized fragment we found while we were in France. It would be perfect for the wall of a double height great room or as the anchor of your kitchen décor.

Style With Oversized Mirrors

There’s an undeniable casual elegance to full-length, elaborately-carved mirrors propped against the wall. My Tip: Set them up in a corner, behind furniture, or include them in your casual living spaces to add a pinch of je ne sais quoi to your home.

Wicker, Cane, and Rush—Add These Textures

Seating textures are often overlooked when changing your home’s décor. But these gorgeous, comfy wicker chairs embody effortless cottage and summer style. They’re beautiful, casual, and easy to maintain, and can instantly change the overall feel of your home.

Mix In Lighter Wood Tones

Dark wood and lighter wood fall in and out of style rather quickly, so to avoid looking dated, it’s important to mix BOTH into your home’s décor to create a truly year-round style.

What are your interior decorating goals this summer? My best piece of advice is to focus on one small area and commit to finishing it! And don’t forget to stop by Village Antiques—our interior-decorating consultants can help you today! See you around the shop! 


Amitha Verma

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