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Spotlight on Shutters: Versatile Vintage

How do I use this? Where would this go? How can I incorporate these antiques into my modern interiors? These are just some of the questions we get asked. As customers stroll through the aisles, soaking up all the lovely treasures in our shop, we hear the same things being discussed over and over. In response we want to share all of our design and antique knowledge with you, and will be filling our shop blog with how-tos, trends and tips. 

Our first spotlight is on antique shutters – one of the most popular items in our shop! Customers love them to excess but are often bewildered by them. They adore the look of the shutters but are unsure how to use them or where they would be best displayed. 

The wonderful thing about antique shutters is that they can be the perfect way to incorporate a bit of old-world charm into a modern-day space. They have great height and texture, and we love using them to create a layered look. They’re ideal for creating a focal point in a foyer or dining room. 

Look at this stunning foyer design by local interior designer Trisha Dodson!

We love the idea of flanking a buffet with a pair of shutters. Take a look at how designer Brooke Giannetti enhanced her buffet with a pair of pine shutters. What amazing texture they add to an otherwise flat wall!

Another great idea is to use a set of shutters behind a bed to create the look and feel of a headboard.

I just adore the simple, clean lines of this grouping. The room feels elegant and the shutters, again, add a pretty textured feeling to the wall. Don’t you just love the art plaque on top of the shutters? Of course, with a bigger bed, you would simply need a set of two shutter pairs instead of one.

Want to see how it looks up close? Our shop right now houses an art display in which a pair of shutters has been used as the base by our designer. 

So next time you’re looking at a blank wall, pondering how to bring the space to life, consider a pair of shutters. And if you’re short on wall space and long on shutter-love, stay on the lookout for amazing one-of-a-kind pieces like this table from France, made from antique French shutters! Just look at that hardware, simply gorgeous!

What’s your favorite shutter style statement? Leave a comment on our Facebook page and let us know how you would use antique shutters to enhance your home. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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