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The Designer Storage Pieces I Couldn’t Live Without

If you’re like most people, you strive for organization at home. You want to be able to find absolutely anything you’re looking for at a moment’s notice. But you also don’t want to walk into a bedroom filled with neat little white bins!

So how do you get organized in style?

Keep reading to discover my top designer storage pieces I couldn’t live without…

Create Your Ideal Work Zone With This Favorite I’ve NEVER Shared Before…

Move over office-style commercial grade desks and make way for one of my top favorite storage solutions: Secretaries!

Sounds boring?

I hope I can change your mind on these practical, perfect pieces of furniture when you see the gorgeous secretaries below.

Where else can you neatly work, tuck away papers, have little drawers for tools, create an iPad station, charging station and more?

Low on space? Here’s one of my favorite space-saving tricks: Place your secretary next to a bed so it doubles as a nightstand!

Change The Way You Think About Double Buffets or Cabinets

Double buffets and cabinets are no longer just for the dining room. Use these throughout your home for ultra sophistication while also gifting yourself even more storage space.

These pieces are gorgeous to use in:

– an entry hall for display

– a long hall to break up the space

– as linen storage

– in a bedroom

– in a study for books

– in a kitchen

– in a dining room

Do you now see how extremely versatile this piece can be?

I love the distressed look and chippy wood tones on this buffet. The flexibility and dimensions of these pieces will fit into absolutely any area of your home.

Where do you imagine using this piece?

My ultimate must have – you could have one in almost every room!

As much as I love all kinds of storage furniture, if I could only choose one piece of furniture to recommend to you, it would be the classic French commode, or chest of drawers.

This is a classic, versatile and chic piece of furniture that you can use all throughout your home.

Originally intended as a stand-alone piece for a foyer or a great hall, these are now used in:

– foyers

– dining rooms

– in living rooms

– and my favorite use – as nightstands in bedrooms

Typically, they are around 30” in height which means they pair perfectly next to a bedroom and truly add the classic French style designer touch to any project.

The next time you find one and fall madly in love with it – just grab it! Especially if you find the ever-elusive PAIR. I guarantee you will find a special spot for them in your home.

So there you have it, my must have stylish storage options for the home.

Which style is perfect for your latest project? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Till next time, keep making your home an inspired place with your design gifts.

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