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Fall Trends

Just as the seasons change outside, we in the antiques world see new colors, textures and shapes coming into vogue every few months.

Does this mean you should go and wipe the slate clean and change your entire décor? No, but just like you add fashionable items to your staple wardrobe, you could choose to add a pop of the latest color or texture into your living space.

This season, I’m seeing a rise in the use of metals. From copper and gold to pewter, I am just loving the mix of all these pretty metal tones. Copper items especially are all the rage right now. We’re seeing so many different kinds of accessories made of copper mixes, especially in the kitchen.

Also very hot is pewter. Pewter accents have become especially popular with many of our customers. These accents look sharp with creamware and many transfer-ware patterns. Here are some great pieces that are available at our shop right now.

This fall another very popular trend is gilt. Gilt refers to the ever-so-rich gold you often find on French and Italian furniture and accessories. If you like small touches of gilt you could try accessorizing with a classic Louis Philippe mirror.

Or, if you’re a big fan, how about something with more impact, like this charming settee?

And speaking of settees, those have also been a big fall trend. A settee is a great piece to add into an area that’s too small for a full sofa. I especially love how they create a seating area with a real feeling of intimacy! Next time you are faced with furnishing a small seating area, consider a lovely settee for your space.

Last but not least, artwork with a hint of nature has been another popular choice this fall. Customers are really loving rich natural landscapes and pieces like these herbiers. These are reminiscent of all the excitement fall brings our way!

So, are you feeling inspired? If the urge to redecorate hits this fall, how many of these great ideas will you be using?

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