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How to Create a Plate Display

I have great memories of visiting one of my aunts as a child, and how amused my brother, sister and I would be by her ‘plate collection’. Every square inch of her walls was covered by her vast collection of plates – or that’s how it felt at the time, at least. We used to think she was out of her mind, proudly displaying every mismatched plate she had ever come across!

Many, many years later, I now look back and can imagine how spectacular her collection was! I think of her as I carefully collect and curate our own collection of transferware, majolica, ironware, creamware and the like. Customers often marvel at the variety in our collection, and I’ll be sure to explain the differences between each kind of plate in a later post, but for today I’m looking purely at how to use these beautiful pieces to create a display.

When you are looking to begin creating your collection, always try to select a piece that will be your focal point. That might be a platter-size piece or something in a different style from the surrounding plates.

I love the shape of the center transferware platter and then the assortment of smaller platters all around. This collection as a whole is just so pretty, and the positioning over a banquette is perfect.

With their delicate lines and intricate details, transferware plates in themselves are truly a work of art! Here are few styles available at our shop right now.

We’ve also seen some gorgeous oyster plates pass through our shop. One fun way to display these is to use plate holders and arrange them in bookshelves. Or you could take inspiration from this kind of fabulous foyer display which uses a great collection to maximum impact. I love the visual statement made by this great design!

Do you yearn for a fresher look? A crisp, white collection adds a breath of freshness to any modern-inspired interior. Just check out the lovely touch these plates add to this timeless room.

So when you start your hunt for the perfect plate collection, our suggestions are to

  • Start with at least 5-7 pieces so you will have enough for a good display.
  • Select an odd number quantity so you can work around one main piece.
  • Always have one special piece to spotlight, and make it the focal point of your collection.
  • And finally, invest in a few Disc Hangers, as these are the ideal way to hang your plates on the wall! They remove the pressure the spring hangers create, and are not visible from the front. Just add a little water to adhere to the plate and let dry overnight. Once dry, you’re ready to hang!

So, are you feeling inspired to pretty up your space with some beautiful plateware? Do you perhaps collect a particular style or design of plates? Tell us what you love about them! Till next week…

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