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Modern trends you must mix in + paint class this week

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked is “How do I mix in antiques with new decor?”

This summer I’ve been checking out different design styles as I’ve been working on my own home – and I’m happy to report mixing in antiques with modern-day decor has never been easier!

Check out these few designer styles I can’t wait to bring into my shop and my own home this year.

Bright Gold for the Win

Not faded golds or red golds, but beautiful bright, yellow, brassy colored golds have been making a big impact on the design scene for some time.

I stumbled upon this bright gold color a few years ago and took the leap to incorporate this beautiful color throughout my own home decor by selecting this color for much of my door hardware.

And I’m glad I did, I absolutely love this gorgeous color!

This bright, cheery shade of gold adds elegance, sophistication and a sense of style or being on trend to any space.

Updated Patterns & Vibrant Colors on classic rug motifs for an everyday style

While looking for new rugs to add into my home, I am dazzled by the stunning new rug styles that were certainly not available just a few years back.

I will be the first to admit – I love traditional rug patterns. One of my hands-down, go-to patterns is the class Oushak pattern.

Just like exercise – When decorating, Push past your comfort zone

However, while working on my home I decided and declared I was going to push out of my comfort zone.

While on the hunt, I came across these stunning, modern takes on the classic Oushak pattern and have fallen madly in love!

I love these bright colors, and how the patterns are more spread out – revealing more negative space.

Honestly, I couldn’t decide one to select – something I’m still working on!

Bringing in Nature but with a big touch of GLAM

We hear this phrase all the time, “bring the outdoors in” and here’s an instance where I can whole-heartedly agree. While I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, I’m all about the glam.

And these gorgeous slivers of natural crystal are the perfect modern inspired home décor addition to the home.

I love how these stunning natural pieces can be placed in a bowl, arranged on books, on a coffee table, buffet or more. I can’t wait to get these into the shop and my own coffee table soon!

There’s the roundup of a several modern pieces you can effortlessly mix in with the oldest antiques to create a truly designer, magazine worthy project!

Leave a comment and let us know which is your favorite trend – we love to hear your thoughts!



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