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Looking Forward: Plans for 2014

I’m so excited about all the new joys 2014 will bring. I’ve been working hard on new product ideas for the store, new ways to see and buy our beautiful one-of-a-kind merchandise, and of course new blog topics! I’ll be sure to share some of our goals and New Year’s resolutions with you soon.

So many of you have graciously asked about my house, so here’s an update: we’ve fixed part of the house, but since we had so much damage to deal with, we decided to change a few aspects like our paint color, kitchen countertops and more – which of course leads to many more design decisions! I’ve been taking video blogs of my progress and will be sure to share with you how and what I selected in 2014 too! Keep in mind that with design, it’s not about copying what you see online or in the magazines, but rather, effectively putting together a color palette and collection of pieces that you love and that inspire you.

I’ll give you a little sneak peek, here I am selecting countertops for my bathroom. I am immersed in color all day, every day, which I love, so in my bedroom I really wanted something subtle and soothing. I can’t wait for it all to come together!

This is Calacatta Gold Marble. Isn’t it beautiful? I just love the hints of gold, and the overall white, gray and pale blue effect.

Cheers to 2014 and all the exciting design adventures we’re about to embark upon.

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