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Color Predictions: Back to the Future!

Every year Pantone (the color company) predicts their Color of the Year, and this year the color is Radiant Orchid! Now if you watched my video blog last spring you saw that I predicted pinks to be really hot last year, and wow was I excited to find out I was a little ahead of the trend! (I’ll admit it: I like saying a little I-told-you-so once in a while). I am loving this color, and am so excited to see it trickle down into home decor! Even in fashion this is one of my favorite shades, a color I used in my own wedding many moons ago.

What I love about this color is its versatility: you can incorporate it into so many color schemes, in big or small doses. Take for instance this heavenly little vignette we posted on our Facebook page a few weeks ago…

Could you not escape into this room for hours and hours?

Some of my favorite things about this space: I am a big fan of chevron/herringbone patterned floors, the kind found in centuries-old chateaus. That is the pattern you see on this floor. I have the same design in my very own office, modern but very classic.

The wallpaper is just beautiful too. I’m hoping to add wallpaper into my library room or family room this year.

And lastly I love the chandelier and the gorgeous window treatments!

And of course the settee. What is French design without a settee? They are one of our most popular items at Village Antiques. If you love settees, share your thoughts on the ones below:

Available at Village Antiques, $2,395

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Available at Village Antiques, $900

I am certain you’ll be seeing much more of this year’s Pantone Color of the Year than you did of last year’s green. Take a look at this jaw dropping library, for example. I simply love the classic molding details contrasted by the freshness of this beautiful color. I know many of you love subtle colors, but I just love this room!

Where will you see it? It will show up in wallpaper colors, textiles, pillows, art, and even accessories.

Here are some of our pieces that really speak to this year’s gorgeous color!

Available at Village Antiques, $49

Available at Village Antiques, $1,650

Available at Village Antiques, $1,595

So what about you? Are you excited about this year’s color and ready to bring a little bit of it into your home? I have always been a big fan of this color and already have a pop of it with this gorgeous silk toile-inspired fabric by Pierre Fray, a fabric house from France.

Be sure to share if you love this year’s color or no in the comments below!

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