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This JUST IN from Belgium and France…

We’re already FOUR weeks into 2016, which leads me to one important question:

Are your home projects on track?

If you’re like many of us, you’re having trouble getting started. Maybe you’re feeling uninspired. Or perhaps you just haven’t found the right pieces yet….

The same thing happens to me if I don’t mark my calendar with the next project!

If that sounds like you, you’ll definitely want to visit our upcoming Open House on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 11am where you’ll get the chance to check out our newest arrivals delivered straight from France and Belgium! By simply committing to attending this event, you’ll already be one step closer to completing your home projects.

Just Register Here and get first dibs on an amazing assortment of new pieces guaranteed to spruce up your home.

Here are a few exciting highlights from our all-new mini shipment:

  • 18th century daybed (all the rage right now)
  • Tons of gorgeous new candlesticks
  • Vintage paintings
  • French sofas
  • Pairsof commodes – it’s rare to find pairs but worth it when you do because they make for the perfect addition to your bedrooms, living rooms, and more…
  • Gorgeous French style side chairs, wing chairs, armchairs, and more, with scrumptious French fabrics…
  • Loads of new lighting selections
  • Decorative plates, boxes, books, and more…
  • A rare vintage bible box
  • Stunning new jewelry
  • A variety of charming new candle lines

With all of those amazing finds in store, you definitely won’t want to miss out! This is your chance to kick-start your home projects so you don’t fall behind.

Go ahead and click the link to register below…we would love to see you there!

YES! Secure My Spot To The Open House

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