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Creating the Perfect Table: Five Top Tips

Is it just me, or did the holiday season just fly by? Aside from the sale, which we had a fabulous response to, our masterclasses have been going really well too! Our Tablescape Class was one of the most popular ones last year, but for those who couldn’t attend, here are some of my favorite tips.

Amitha’s Tip for Creating the Perfect Table:

* Design Rules: When designing your room, be sure to remember all the rules we’ve talked about. Remember, you want to have a minimum of 3′-4′ clearance behind your chairs all the way around so that the room doesn’t feel crowded.

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* Layers of Lighting: If you have a dimmer switch, turn those lights down to half-way or a little brighter, but not full strength. Create a mood or experience that will make your family and guests want to dine, linger, induge and talk for hours. If you have a chandelier, you can put that on a dimmer too. Not sure how low to hang it?

* Mixing High and Low Candlelight: I love low candlelight to illuminate the gorgeous spread on the table but I also love to include tall candlesticks on my table. I know it may disrupt your view, but if you stagger the candles a little bit, that height will add a bit of formality and elegance while giving you a lovely view of your guests!

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* Fresh Flowers: These don’t have to be fancy, just cut a few fresh stems and place them in a vase… I’m sure you have one tucked away in a cabinet! The scent and beauty of fresh flowers will add a beautiful freshness to your table.

And don’t forget about your buffet. We had a post a few weeks back about buffets and the many uses for them here. This is the time of year these classic pieces of furniture really get used a lot. I love dressing this piece up with more of my antique candlesticks, chafing dishes and gorgeous tiered dessert trays much like this one.

Available at Village Antiques, $245

If you need help with your dining room please come by; any of us would love to help you! Off I go to perfect my Gruyere cheese macaroni recipe!

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