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Farmhouse Fall Decor | An Inexpensive & Easy Fall Inspired Breakfast Nook | Amitha Verma

Have you been sifting through home decor magazines and Pinterest, daydreaming of a charming farmhouse fall vignette of your own?

I’m going to show you how to decorate a farmhouse style dining room or breakfast room in an elegant — but more importantly, practical way. I know it’s easy to go overboard when it comes to seasonal decor, but I want to show you that less is more.

After all, my family gathers around this space frequently. You can call it the epicenter of our home, so we mustn’t overcrowd this space for function’s sake.

Let’s get into some farmhouse fall decorating ideas, shall we?

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Work With Fall Home Decor You Have

Yes, you have some!

I’m a fan of collecting multi-functional pieces that match my home’s overall aesthetic but can be dressed up to match any season.

While I still love buying one-off seasonal pieces, most of my design stash is filled with details that match my home aesthetic. This makes it easy for me to pull farmhouse fall decor pieces to start any design project.

Amitha’s Farmhouse Fall Decor Stash

What’s in my farmhouse fall decor stash, you may be wondering?

I have a collection of vessels like vases, bowls, and pitchers that I can pull inspiration from — no matter the season. 

Vessels and vases are an excellent foundation for design, as you can fill them with whatever your heart desires.

The other fall essential I have in my farmhouse fall decor arsenal that I use every year are my velvet pumpkins.

I love the soft variation in texture they bring to my design, adding a touch of sophistication to the pumpkin motif that’s so popular this season. They instantly bring the cozy feel to any area I add them into.

Quick Tips For Farmhouse Fall Decor Shopping

1. Size Matters

When shopping for matching decor pieces, choose a variety of sizes.

You don’t need to get the whole range available, but having a mix of a small, medium, and a large piece is a good idea for creating visual interest in a small space — such as our small farmhouse breakfast nook. 

Scale and proportion is a foundational principle of design. Having different sizes of the same design element, such as my velvet pumpkins, creates contrast, making each piece look more unique and not so repetitive.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

Are you stuck in a design rut because you’re afraid of using color?

You’re not the only one who suffers from chromophobia.

While monochromatic designs can be stunning and elegant, I urge you to experiment with color when you can to explore your sense of creativity. After all, the autumn season is all about the rich, earth tones. While I love mixing in white pumpkins, I challenge you to add in umber, gold, deep browns, greens and more!   

I’m not suggesting you go overboard, but consider farmhouse fall decor pieces with colored details that bring a refreshing style into your home, inspired by the fall color palette.

Introducing fall colors into your decorative pieces such as mustard yellow, deep reds, burgundy, and olive greens are an excellent way to incorporate the fall vibe into your design without making any permanent changes to your overall home aesthetic.

3. Shop At Your Grocery Store

My farmhouse fall decor is inspired by nature, which is why the produce section at your grocery store is an excellent stop on your fall decor haul.

Not only will you find pumpkins in season, but umber-colored Anjou pears, artichokes, and other gourds make the perfect, inexpensive decor elements. While you may be tempted to pumpkin decor everything, make sure you include a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

I’ll be using these beautiful Anjou pears that double down as a delicious light snack for a family on-the-go.

How To Choose Florals For Your Farmhouse Fall Decor

Adding fall florals to your space is such a simple and elegant way to liven your area and introduce color, without having it be overwhelming.

Some of my favorite fall florals include:

  • Pampas grass
  • Green or burgundy-tipped hydrangeas
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Cotton stems
  • Olive branches

When it comes to decorating my busy modern farmhouse nook, I want to keep it simple.

I’m choosing olive branches because they last a long time in a vase with water, and I love the color it brings to my mostly white space. It also adds a bit of the rustic farmhouse feel, and can be as easy is pulling a few branches right from your front porch.

Assembling Your Fall Farmhouse Dining Nook

Now that I have my pieces side-by-side, I am starting to picture how everything will come together.

Of course, you don’t have to use all the elements you’ve gathered from your haul. The key to keeping this fall look simple, elegant, and functional is recognizing that less is more.

Styling Florals For Farmhouse Fall Dining

Because the florals will take up the most space in this design, I’ll start here.     

I chose this vase because I really love the dark brown, etched detail against the cream-colored base that matches my overall kitchen decor but with a pop of rustic.

Not to mention, the olive branches pair so beautifully in this vase, allowing the color to be the center of attention.

Let’s put these two elements together.

The last thing I want is the beautiful finish of this ceramic vase to wear down over time by the water.

Here’s another nifty trick to preserving the life of my more delicate vases. Fill a separate container with water and place it in the decorative vessel.

Next, I’ll trim the olive branches down to scale, matching the space in my kitchen, which for me is at about eye-level height when standing.

Displaying Fruit

Now that we have the fall florals in place, I wanted to experiment with which vessel worked best with the pears.

While I enjoyed the platter’s colors, I decided to use the brown and cream-footed bowl, which match the tones in the vase and the fruit.

Sometimes, it takes a little bit of trial and error to get the design just right — don’t be afraid to experiment!

Finishing Farmhouse Fall Decor Details

I love how the vase filled with tangling olive branches and the bowl of fruit look as it is, but I want to take the table set one step further and add my favorite piece of fall decor — pumpkins!

Adding the mix of velvet pumpkins ties in all the details here for me and really accentuates the fall theme in my farmhouse corner breakfast nook.

If you’ve been following my farmhouse fall decor series, you may have similar decorative items leftover to create another fall vignette in your home.

While this table set is definitely making a fall statement, it’s not taking over our most used space as a family. 

To Wrap Up: Decorating Your Dining Nook For Fall

When it comes to creating an elegant design, remember to keep it simple, use pieces you already own, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a new color story in the details.

I love seeing your take on the fall farmhouse decor, so keep your pictures coming. If you have any questions or have any farmhouse breakfast nook ideas, leave it in the comments below.

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Until the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts!

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