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Farmhouse Fall Decor | How to Warm Up Your Living Room For the Fall Season | Amitha Verma

If you’ve been following my rustic fall decor series, you’ll know that the natural textures and colors have inspired me this season.

While I’ve tackled my kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining table, admittedly, I’ve been procrastinating to complete my living room.

I kept telling myself that I was looking for the perfect pieces to style the room, but the truth is I just needed to do a haul and get inspired by some elements of farmhouse fall decor.

Let me take you along as I transform my monochromatic farmhouse style living room into the beautifully rustic and sophisticated fall seasonal decor.

Let’s start with a little decor haul.

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How To Shop For Farmhouse Style Fall Home Decor

You may be flipping through Pinterest photos or magazine spreads, thinking a magic wand created these beautiful spaces, but I’m going to show you how to select pieces that have plenty of versatility, and you can use year after year.

Farmhouse Tray

I love to use breadboards and farmhouse trays to ground my design and give me a defined space to work in.

I found these stunning mirrored trays with distressed wood detailing that would make the perfect backdrops for my fall decor on my coffee table.

These trays have colors that match my coffee table and rug. I can easily transition them to suit any season. I love the look of this rustic tray with the gold detailing and rustic hardware. It feels like luxury without the price tag.

If you love this distressed wood look but can’t find a piece like this near you, you can easily make your own using chalk finish paint. It makes for a super affordable DIY project if you first thrift the tray or if you have something in your home that could use an upgrade.

Farmhouse Lamp Shopping

In my living room space, I’m missing a pair of farmhouse lamps on my end tables.

Lamps are an attractive and functional element of home decor that can transform a room’s look and feel.

Here are some quick tips for shopping for table lamps:

  • The lamp height should stand between 58–64 inches high when placed on the table.
  • If you have small children or pets, choose a heavier based lamp that’s harder to knock over.
  • Choose a lamp that compliments the style of your end table.
  • Make sure your metals compliment. In some cases, it’s okay to mismatch metals but do this intentionally.
  • Your lamps don’t have to be identical but make sure the lamps relate to each other in some way (color, paint finish, textures, metals). My best tip if you go for mismatching lamps – make sure they are the same height

Farmhouse Throw Pillows

Switching out your throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to add fall decorations into your living room.

I was drawn to these crewel style pillows. Crewel embroidery uses wool yarn for a thicker detailing that adds such a beautiful dimension and texture to the overall pattern.

I also love this tapestry-style pillow with this bird design in a caramel-velvet texture. The color makes for the perfect fall pillow.

It may be a little too bold for the monochromatic palette in my living room, but that’s the fun part about home styling. It’s about experimenting and seeing what works.

Smaller Farmhouse Decorative Elements

Shopping for smaller decorative items is possibly one of my favorite isles in the home goods store for finding farmhouse fall decorating ideas.

Although perusing the isles for ideas is fun. I tend to avoid bringing trendy pieces home with me. Instead, I grab items that would go with my design style all year.

Now that we have a good foundation for our living room haul, I’m going to style these elements together to transform my space.

How To Put Together Your Farmhouse Decorative Elements For Fall

Someone asked me if I thought farmhouse decor was going out of style.

While design trends are bound to come and go, when done correctly, farmhouse decor can look elegant and chic in every season.

Follow my design philosophy of mixing elevated, elegant farmhouse style pieces with contrasting rustic textures for a timeless and stylish design.

Here’s how I’m bringing my haul together to create a fall look that fits the farmhouse style without going too overboard.

Start With A Foundation To Ground Your Design

It’s easy to create a fall coffee table design when you start with a tray. Both of these distressed wood trays go with the color scheme in my room. 

Because my coffee table is white, I decided to go with the gray-green colored tray for a pop of contrast.

I absolutely adore the rustic meets glam vibe, and I think this tray translates that really well.

Add Farmhouse Decor To Your Foundation

The tray acts as a canvas for us to add my favorite pieces of fall decor… pumpkins!

Of course, I opt for these gorgeous velvet pumpkins that don’t spoil, and I bring them out every year. 

Layering different sizes and colors of these velvet pumpkins is an easy and subtle way to add fall colors and textures.

Choosing The Right Farmhouse Lamp For Your Space

When I came back from my decor shopping trip, my husband asked me, “did you bring the whole store home?”

If you’re anything like me, it can be hard to pick your favorite lamp at the store. Sometimes you have to bring the lamps home to see which works best for your space.

You’ll see here that one of the lamps was simply too big for my table, even though I love the wood-chipped texture.

See what I mean?

There are times when you have to bring the item home and let the room decide for you.

I opted for the chalk-finish painted lamp for proportions, and it still fits with the overall farmhouse theme of my home.

Experimenting With Color and Textures In Throw Pillows

Next, I’m going to decide on the pillow style for my couch. I brought the crewel pillows and the tapestry-style pillow home to test how they feel in my space. 

Unfortunately, the tapestry pillow was a bit too large for my sofa, and the colors weren’t working. However, the crewel pillows came together like a dream. They were the right size in relation to my sofa, and they matched the colors of my everyday pillows. 

Finishing Touches

Now that my larger decorative elements have found a home in this room, it’s time to add smaller pieces to tie the look together.

On one end table, I’m layering more velvet pumpkins next to the lamp. On the other end, I have an antique farmhouse bowl with decorative fruit.

And of course, with the chillier season, you need a cozy throw blanket to keep warm. I’ve draped a simple white blanket over my chaise.

Wrapping Up My Tips For Fall Farmhouse Styling Your Living Room

The living room is where my family comes together to unwind. I wanted the space to match the fall season but still hold its functionality.

When it comes to finding inspiration for fall farmhouse decor, look to nature for colors and textures you can bring indoors.

Creating a fall farmhouse look doesn’t have to break the bank.

I don’t recommend splurging on trendy items. Instead, shop for versatile decorative pieces that match your home aesthetic and build your seasonal design off of it with smaller objects like pumpkins, throw pillows, or florals.

I am so pleased with how my room came together. Please leave a comment below and let me know your favorite part of my step-by-step styling process.

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