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Farmhouse Kitchen Decor | Your Guide to Creating a Cozy Kitchen in Less than an Hour | Amitha Verma

I fell out of love with my brand new kitchen.

A few years ago, hubby Bobby, and I underwent a major kitchen renovation. I’m talking about expanding and doubling the footprint, new stone floors, appliances, white stone countertops, gold hardware, a white farmhouse sink – the works!

I knew for me, a white and gray kitchen would be the perfect place for me to unwind after “looking” at furniture and decor all day at work because as you may know I work over at Village Antiques.

I have loved the clean white palette, but over the past year, I’ve started to fall out of love. Why?

It’s too bright, almost too white, and at times can feel unfriendly! Something I never thought I’d say about a beautiful white kitchen.

So this past week I took on the project of warming up this space and bringing the comforts of an old home into this space.

Watch as I add simple farmhouse kitchen decor pieces to my kitchen range warm it up a little.

Today, I’m focusing specifically on my kitchen range because this is such a prominent area of the kitchen, and it allows me to cluster small decor pieces in one area for maximum impact rather than spread it all out over my kitchen and get lost in the space.

As great as white color-schemes are, bringing in a range of rustic farmhouse decor can add a cozy, welcoming, and country feeling that can make a new or even outdated kitchen feel like home again.

You may be wondering what is farmhouse style decorating?

Farmhouse style decorating is the type of interior design that looks warm, cozy, and inviting. Some key elements to farmhouse decor are distressed wood pieces, decor with beautiful fonts, light color schemes, and contrasting textures. 

Step 1: Shop for Farmhouse Kitchen Decor you may already have in your own home 

I always begin my projects by using what I already have. While I love the excuse to go shopping, it is best to start with what you can find around your house.

How do I decorate my kitchen farmhouse style?

Start with what you already have, then shop for some additions that complement your existing style. Look for rustic, bleached wood, and distressed textures to bring out warm country vibes to your home.

In my house, I found:

  • beautiful farmhouse kitchen decor canisters that can hold a variety of utensils
  • two breadboards, one new and one very old vintage breadboard
  • wooden utensils
  • matte stainless steel utensils
  • white, ironstone style pitchers

Start pulling out any potential farmhouse decor items that could warm up your kitchen aesthetic. When you are decorating for a rustic kitchen, including different metals and textures in groups, making each piece look special and unique. 

Step 2: Look for Farmhouse Kitchen Decor to fill in

Once I found all that I wanted to include from my own home, I went over to the shop for some fun new pieces.

Where can I buy farmhouse decor?

Find farmhouse decor at local antique shops! I found my beautiful clock face wall decor at an antique and Farmhouse decor shop, Village Antiques in Houston.

While shopping, I picked up a beautiful olive oil bottle. When I’m cooking, I usually just use my olive oil straight out of the grocery store bottle. This charming olive oil bottle will be a wonderful new addition to my farmhouse style. 

Available at Village Antiques, only one left

Another piece of farmhouse kitchen decor that I brought home is a vintage style clock face. A fun clock face is a classic room decoration for the farmhouse look. The clock face I’m putting in my kitchen is dark brown and white, with beautiful fonts, and a hint of gold. Its vintage look and rough edges go perfectly with my farmhouse kitchen vibe.

My mom had seen cute little bottles for oils on Instagram, so I grabbed some bottles that she would love to include. I also found a charming planter. At first sight, I wasn’t sure if this planter belongs in the kitchen, but I gave it a chance. Maybe it will end up in the dining room, instead!

I can never resist a classic white pitcher. Though I already have one at home in my storage, I thought I would grab another. These are great for pouring water or margaritas when guests come over. I’ll put a mix of fresh and dry flowers in the pitcher I just bought, to test which set of flowers look best. 

Now I have a few beautiful farmhouse kitchen pieces for my rustic home decor look. The next step is to see how they all evolve into the country kitchen we are looking for!

Step 4: Start Putting your Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Together and Group in One Area for impact

In my own kitchen, I’m focusing on my kitchen range so I can layer in loads of great farmhouse kitchen decor, and create texture, contrast, and warmth.

Now, I will start putting together all the smaller pieces, in my case, the utensils canisters. Then, I will grab one of my breadboards and try it out with a trial-and-error method. 

If the sizing of a piece is clashing with other elements of your kitchen, then be creative and see if you can rotate and fit it in other ways. 

While trying to put one of my breadboards up, I noticed it blocking the backsplash. Then, I switched it around to put it against my cabinet and it worked perfectly. Your decoration set should complement your kitchen design. Use the warmth of the tones and colors of your pieces to bring out that country kitchen feel. 

Once I set up this first grouping, it is important to step back and see if it needs altering. With my utensil canisters, I decide to balance out the look and take out one of the spoons. Now, there is the same number of utensils in both canisters. To add a lovely symmetrical look, I am also going to replace one of the shorter canisters with a taller holder to balance the shapes. 

Look at your kitchen, and observe where there might be too much of one color. For example, there is a dark cluster of black pieces in my kitchen, where my burners and grill are. To soften up this black area, I am going to set one of my breadboards on the unused grill portion of the burners.

I have six burners on my stove, and it’s not often that I’m using all of them. If you put a breadboard on the grill section of your stove as I did, make sure to pull it off when cooking to prevent a fire hazard. When I am cooking, I will plan to just stack it with the other breadboards against the cabinet.

On the antique breadboard that I’m using, some of them have staining, discoloration, and knife marks. These qualities add a welcoming and heartening aesthetic to your kitchen. The roughed-up characteristics in these objects illustrate a beloved antique look, with a lived-in, cozy, and refreshing vibe. 

Step 5: Add You Florals

Adding florals and stems is a fast and easy way to instantly make an area feel warmer and more inviting. Especially when it’s focused in a small area so the arrangement can really stand out. Now that the spaces are starting to come together, gather some flowers, stems, or twigs to include in your farmhouse decor. 

I have collected some cool stems to add a little height to my kitchen space. I will loosely arrange my fall decor stems in the pitcher I bought.

For the planter, a moss ball would look great in there. It’s too low, but luckily I’ve got a solution for that!

With some crumpled up paper, I created a little bed for the moss ball. It adds the perfect pop of green in the kitchen to make it feel homey and welcoming.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Last, but not least, we’ve got the clock. A good spot would be right on the side of my range.

I bought this clock because I love the contrast of color, but to my surprise, it actually has a working timepiece! I added a new battery and a commando strip, so it can adhere to the wall, and now we have a stylish and functioning clock.

Now that all of the fun farmhouse style pieces are incorporated into your kitchen, enjoy your fantastic interior design work!

The trick to pulling off this project or any project is to focus on just one area.

Oftentimes, when I look for decor pieces to add to projects, I get distracted with other beautiful things. These sidetracks can lead to great finds, but it is also important to try and stay focused to create the perfect country feeling in the kitchen or wherever you decide to update in your home.

I’m so thrilled this area of my home finally feels cozy and welcoming. It’s certainly inspired me to want to spend more time in the kitchen!

Leave a comment and let me know your favorite part.

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Till the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts!

With love,


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