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2014 – Goals, Resolutions and Progress

In May of 2011, well before we even opened, I sat down and drew out my goals and vision for Village Antiques as well as my personal brand, and how we would build them and how they would grow. I’m old fashioned that way in that I write everything down, as you may have noticed by my blog postings!

Many of the ideas I dreamt came true, as I imagined them. And many other ideas turned out differently, fell flat or presented opportunities for new goals. I am sharing my behind-the-scenes goal-setting with you today to talk about a very big goal that we are launching today.

As you may know, I love, love, love paint and color. I have often blogged about many of my favorite colors and many of you replied and told me you’ve tried these colors with great success. Well in 2011 I had written in my goals to custom design a series of paints that would be a private label collection for a big box brand like Glidden, much like ‘Martha Stewart for Behr’.

Here is a screenshot of my goals document back when I started dreaming up a private label paint line.

Well as I started working with customers day in and day out, and they continued to ask me about my favorite paint colors, I realized that yes – there was a big, gaping hole in the paint industry for my style of classical French and Swedish inspired colors for furniture. So this really caused me to stop and think for a moment. I decided that, while I’d love to create my own wall colors, what I should be doing is sharing my passion for painted antiques with those who also want to paint their own antiques. As an interior designer/painter/lover of antiques, I have made numerous pieces of custom furniture myself and I put all of that knowledge, love and passion into creating the Amitha Verma Furniture Paint Line.

Today I am very excited to share the launch of this new product line. The collection features a small start with eight classic colors. We also designed three signature waxes: one clear, one gray and one brown, to really create the patina and beauty you find on an aged piece.

And last but not least, we have our own exclusive brushes that have truly been carefully selected by me personally. As you may know, your work is often only as good as your tools. I must have tried hundreds of brushes until I finally found the right styles that balanced performance, endurance and quality.

So today marks an exciting milestone for me: the accomplishment of a very long-term and big goal that I’d set for myself. Those very colors inspired me so long as ago as a child. As I’ve told you, watching Cinderella as a girl, I fell in love not with the prince but her chateaux and all it’s provincial charm and French antiques. Those colors and that passion from long ago has come to fruition now.

I am very excited to bring this product to you and I truly cannot wait to hear about your experiences and successes with this new line. When you come in to take a look at the product, please be sure to ask our staff about how to get your design items featured on our Facebook and Pinterest Page.

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