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Beds to Dream In… And About!

When my hubby and I bought our house, we poured so much of our time, love and budget into the main areas of the house that I really neglected our bedroom. I hate to say that, because the bedroom is truly one of my favorite spaces in the home. I am one of those that does everything in my bedroom, I obviously relax in there, but also I work a lot from my gorgeous antique secretary when writing my blog posts, coming up with new ideas and so forth. My babies and I spend a lot of time cuddling in our bed, watching movies and reading.

Finishing – or should I say starting – our room is a big priority for 2014. So it was very important to me to find the right bed for our room. I’m sure many of you would agree it’s the best place to start. Now you’ll laugh when I tell you that I realized something while hunting for my bed: I have always, always bought a canopy or four-poster bed. I looked back, and ever since I’ve been a little girl I’ve been drawn to four-poster beds. They really speak to a very classical look and the history behind them is very neat!

Canopy beds came into being more for practical reasons than aesthetic. In the drafty old bedrooms of medieval Europe, curtains were used to enclose the bed and keep it warm. Lords and noblemen also liked to create a sense of privacy; at that time, attendants often slept in the same room. Even though the canopies and beds of this period started out plain, they soon became more ornate, with thick fabrics and tapestries, silk embellishments and elaborate tie-backs being used to convey richness and style.

I love how the problem of keeping out the cold was solved in such a beautiful manner. I love, love textiles, and fabrics – I am in heaven just walking around fabric showrooms – so I adore the idea of yards of fabric just draping down and around your bed. Truly this feeling of opulence and the air of formality is why I must have been, and still am, drawn to four-poster beds.

So I finally found a beautiful four-poster bed for my bedroom, and now I’m pondering on what fabric I may find to create panels for my posters and how I will drape them. Here are some gorgeous ideas I’ve been considering…

This has to be one of the most exquisite bedrooms I’ve ever seen. When I saw this in Veranda I just fell madly in love!

Apart from this very geometric canopy, I love lots of things about this room, including the collection of antique engravings, ceiling details and cozy sitting area.

I love the freshness in color of this canopy scheme.

I think I am going to go with some pretty panels near the four posters rather than cover the entire top for my own canopy bed. I don’t get a lot of natural light in my bedroom so a concern for me is blocking too much light. Also, I’m prone to allergies so I don’t want to add too much fabric around my bed. So I’m thinking I will do something like this bed, but maybe with a little less fabric.

Well, I’ll be sure to share which fabrics I select for our dream master bedroom! I’m sure they will involve shades of white, blue, and gray. But as always, envelope your room, your home and your decor with the colors and fabrics that inspire you!

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