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A Design Classic – One of My Favorite Mirrors

There are some things in design that just come and go, like trends or fads. However, the real test of an antique is how timeless it is.   

It’s a wonderful feeling to buy something – whether it be clothing, jewelry or home decor – that truly lasts the test of time and is a piece you love as much today as you did the moment you found and bought it. That’s how I feel about Louis Philippe mirrors. Definitely a piece from the past, rich in history, this design classic is a must-have staple in modern day interiors.   

Louis Philippe mirrors date from the reign of Louis Philippe I who was King of France from 1830 to 1848. They are easily recognizable because their shape is traditionally softly rounded and they usually feature gold and silver motifs, Greek designs or beaded detailing along the frame.  

What I really love about them is that they come in these gorgeous gold leaf and white gold leaf, or silver colors. These metallics are so, so beautiful in so many types of interiors. When you are looking for these to place into your projects you will find some of them still have the original mercury glass mirror. Often you will find pretty patterns within the frame such as the Greek key pattern or a floral pattern.   

What is ideal about these mirrors is their slender proportions, which make them great to hang in a bathroom or over a fireplace. The rounded top contrasted with the flat bottom blends both modern, clean lines with a few curves of the past.   

Here is a gorgeous silver Louis Philippe mirror in a bathroom – very pretty. I love how this style of mirror can fit in with the most traditional of settings and right into a very minimalist space as well.

 These also look so lovely over a fireplace or over a foyer table.

 Once in a while you will find mirrors with beautiful carvings on top of the mirror as well. They aren’t for everyone but for those of you that love the decadence of rich carvings, these mirrors add a real splash of splendor to a modern day space.

We always have a great selection of these types of mirrors available at Village Antiques so be sure to stop by the next time you “need” a Louis Phillippe mirror!

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