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That’s it. I’m done with the clutter.

March can be a tricky month, because it’s not quite time to pull out the whites, but you do want to do something to liven up your home after winter.

Which is why we really put a lot of effort into finding the perfect “bridge pieces” that allow your home to smoothly transition from winter to spring.

With our beautiful floral prints…vibrant green and blue highlight pieces…and the rest of our gorgeous antiques selection…

It’s easy to give your home a stunning Spring refresh!

Bring in some flower power with these gorgeous color engravings

Or use my favorite seasonal trick to do a quick easy update. All it takes is a pair of pillows!

Easily update a buffet or foyer with one of these stunning handcrafted, vintage style mirrors. These have been flying out of the shop, we can barely keep up with the demand!

You can use the smooth, relaxing green tones in a wide variety of styles, palettes, and decor patterns.

Even though it’s subtle, the green tones really bring the outdoors in, and give your home just the perfect hint of nature!

We have a ton more pieces in the store, and we’d love to help you pick the one that fits your goals.

But, early spring is always one of the busiest times in the interior design world, so if you want the best picks, make sure you come in as soon as possible!

I don’t want you to lose out on a piece you really want.

So come visit us at Village Antiques today!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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