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In With The Old…?

I must confess a little secret…

…a secret obsession I’ve never told you about.

Here it goes: I’m addicted to transferware.

Transfer- what?

Instead of explaining it to you, I want you to see it with your own eyes. So I created this video especially for you so you can understand exactly why I love transferware. You may even love it not knowing what it is!

Watch the video  here!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…“Amitha, my grandmother owns that!”

Fair enough. But you’ve got to trust me on this one – this unexpected “granny” item integrated with modern décor makes your home look incredibly chic in a surprising way.

Still not convinced?

Come and visit Village Antiques this week and ask to see our beautiful transferware. We’ll show you how you can mix and match this 18 th-century gem with new décor to create a stylish look.

And plus, now that we’ve finished up our big Half-Yearly sale, we’ve made room for many other new and stunning items. So come in this week and see what we’ve got in store!


p.s. if you’ve been waiting for the next paint class click here to register for your free pass. It’s almost full so grab your pass today!

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