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A Secretary Makeover You Won’t Believe

If you’ve had your eye on design trends, you might have noticed that secretaries are making a major comeback.

And it’s fitting considering large desktops are now being replaced with small laptops, ipads – and even smartphones. So it’s only natural that our “workstations” are downsizing to accommodate our shrinking technology.

But these trendy hideaway workstations are not easy to find…

After all of the years I have been antiquing, I’ve only ever found 3. Just 3!

So when I stumbled upon this one, I knew I couldn’t leave without it:

But of course, it wouldn’t be complete without an Amitha Verma Transform Makeover!

Keep reading to see how I radically updated my newfound secretary in just 5 simple steps:

Step #1: Update the Color

As always, the first step to every furniture makeover is transforming the color. To create a whole new look, I coated the entire piece with Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint in the wildly popular color: French Gray.

Step #2: Accentuate the Details

The secretary had a few classic French motifs that give it a very authentic and antique feel. So to make sure these gorgeous details don’t go unnoticed, I gently painted the motifs with Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint in Belgian Blue.

Step #3: Lock in Color

To lock in the fresh new color and create a beautiful sheen, I added one coat of Amitha Verma Clear Sealer over the entire piece. This ensures the secretary will last through many more years of use and wear and tear.

Whether you’re transforming a secretary, cabinets or even just a small décor item, adding a coat of clear sealer is a step that is definitely not to be skipped.

Step #4: Create the Antique Look

To create the designer antique look we all love, I added Amitha Verma Gray Antiquing Glaze to the areas in the piece that would naturally show signs of aging and wear. Just doing this one step adds instant dimension and intrigue to any piece!

After the antiquing glaze dried, it was time to bring it all together and finish off the look with the final step…

Step #5: Styling the Secretary

To make my secretary irresistibly inviting, I added some of my favorite desktop accessories that serve for both function and style:

  • -A small, stylish lamp
  • -A beautiful tray
  • -Plain stationary, I still adore snail mail like the fun mailers I send you!
  • -A set of decorative books to give my workstation personality
  • -A set of chargers (for obvious reasons!)
  • -Pencils so I can put my creations to paper
  • -A journal to keep track of my notes
  • -Decorative boxes to organize my belongings – with style.

Ready to see how it turned out?

Watch the video below and see the incredible transformation unfold step by step:

Did you LOVE this makeover?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Till we meet again next week – keep making your home special with the natural design gifts you were born with!



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