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#1 weird trick to overcome design overwhelm

You’re about to start a home project and feelings of overwhelm start to creep in.

Unsure of where to start and how everything is going to come together, you start to procrastinate. We’re all guilty of it and so am I. But what if I told you that there was one super simple way to start your next design project with zero stress?

What if I said that you might even start to feel excited just by starting your design project with this one item?

Whether I was working with my interior design clients, or even in my own home, this piece truly captured the essence of the design every single time without fail!

By now you’re probably wondering, “What is this magical item and where do I get my hands on it?”

I’ll officially let the cat out of the bag and reveal one of my oldest, time-tested trade secrets: I start every single design project with….a rug!

Simply combining your rug with your old piece of furniture that you transformed with Amitha Verma Furniture Paint will give your space the stunning designer look you want and deserve.

Not convinced?

As soon as you click play on the video below, it will all make perfect sense and you’ll wish you started doing it sooner!

Are you feeling excited and inspired to combine your painted furniture with a rug you genuinely LOVE?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with transforming your furniture, start by selecting your color  here.

When you put first things first, your design vision will become a reality faster than you could have ever dreamed of – and you’ll also enjoy the process.

Tweetable: “Put first things first and we get second things thrown in: Put second things first and we lose both first things and second things. – Jim George” @amithaverma

Now it’s your turn: Let us know in the comments what rugs you love.

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