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One of the fun things about fall is meeting up with friends and loved ones. During the summer things slow down, but once the fall hits we have so many birthday parties, dinner parties and other events to attend. I always love to come up with creative gifts to take to a friend’s house when invited, as a little gesture of appreciation.

If I’ve had enough time to plan (time of course being the key) I usually have a gift ready to take wherever I’m going. And that’s why I love to stock up on fun and pretty things to keep ready for fall entertaining.

Gift Ideas

I LOVE these burlap wine bags! Don’t you just adore the texture of these? And I like to use them to hold a bottle of my favorite champagne, Veuve Clicquot.

Wouldn’t this be such a thoughtful gift to receive? I would love to store my cute little ballet flats in these bags… this is a fun gift that many would find useful.

Everyone knows someone who adores these pretty crowns. And not all are on the high end – as you suppose a crown might be! I love using these on bookshelves or on a small side table or commode.

Antique perfume bottles are so charming, and would make such a pretty vanity top accessory! If you have a friend who loves to collect perfume, this would be a very thoughtful gift.

And how about a small piece of art? At $35 this is such a unique hostess gift, and one that could be used in many different places. Every time your hostess would catch sight of this she would be reminded of the special times she shared with you.

Another option is an inexpensive tray. You can’t go wrong with a tray. I pull out every tray I own when entertaining. My mom, knowing my love for white, gave me two white rectangle trays, with a hint of silver (her love for a little sparkle) and I take them out every time we entertain.

If your friends celebrate the Christmas holidays, ornaments can be a fun gift to give a hostess. I have two special ornaments a dear friend gave my husband and I over ten years ago. I still think of her when I see them up!

And just look at these beautiful velvet and silk pumpkins! These are on the top of my favorites lists for this fall. The price ranges from $26 to $56 for the larger ones. These are so plush and we are loving all the gorgeous colors they come in this season. I like keeping these out from October through to the end of the year. Each is painstakingly made by hand – a real labor of love.

Boxes are wonderful gifts too. Boxes have so many uses: they could be kept for decorative purposes, to store away button, pins, change and other small objects…. one could find so many things to do with these neat items.

All the items in this post are available at Village Antiques. Which did you like the best? 

Part of the fun of the holiday spirit is the giving! Let us know what some of your favorite hostess gift ideas are…

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