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A Few Quick Touches

Every time I host an event, I become a ball of nerves as I prepare and make sure every last detail is covered. I look forward to selecting a well rounded menu, having enough wine in stock for all my guests and making sure my house and even the shop look their best and are decorated with a few fresh flowers. For some reason, empty corners and unfinished spaces seem to become much more obvious to me at this time! So today I wanted to point out a few quick ways to update your space before the in-laws come over for Thanksgiving dinner…

Now you already know how to wow them with your amazing tablescapes, but what about those pesky little unfinished projects? Here are a few of my favorite ways to refresh my house.

Style with some new pillows

Pillows are such a wonderful way to enhance your sofa and great room. I always look for two coordinating sets, or a pair of square and at least one rectangle to add some variety on the sofa. The fun thing about pillows is that you can have a relatively neutral sofa and keep seasonal pillows for fall, summer and spring.

Take a look at a few of the wonderful pillows we have here at the shop.

I’m really loving these kinds of embroidered accents, which have become all the rage this fall. Embroidery creates extra texture and just adds plenty of richness into your space.

Let there be (lamp)light

I’ll be sure to elaborate on this point further in another post, but I want to point out here that rooms should be filled with layers of lighting. Imagine sitting in your cozy armchair with a full tummy, wanting to curl up with a good book for some long-awaited down time. Wouldn’t a lamp be perfect on that empty side table next to you? The lamp itself is a good addition, and then the light it provides makes it even better! Speaking of lighting, consider decorative candles as another source of lighting.

Currently in the shop…

Adding in art

Do you have a few empty spaces on your walls waiting for the perfect piece of art? Art is another wonderful way to freshen up a space, and add color and depth onto an otherwise bland wall. A pair of framed herbiers or prints, or an antique oil painting would add a lively touch to your walls.

Here are a few pieces of art in the shop that we love.

Consider something lovely

Last but not least, consider a lovely object – like the ones below – to showcase a few fresh flowers. Fresh flowers enhance and liven up any space immediately. You will love how they look and how they inspire you every time you pass by them.

We are always bringing in fresh flowers to put around the shop!

We love hearing your stories at the shop, be sure to share any creative ideas you have about sprucing up the home for fall entertaining!

A Heartfelt Thank You

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving week? I can’t believe the day after tomorrow we will be having turkey with all the trimmings! This year I am grateful for many things, including my wonderful two children, my husband, and family. I’m also very grateful for meeting all of you. When we opened in January of this year, we were hopeful but not quite sure what to expect, given the state of the economy. We have had a wonderful year, meeting people who have become very dear customers. The success of this shop has exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to share our love for antiques with you. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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