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Designing with Antique Doors

Found objects represent a fabulous source of inspiration for me. When I was a child, my younger brother, sister and I would love to go bike riding for hours through our neighborhood and pick up tile remnants, moldings and other pieces left over from the sites where new construction was taking place. It should have been a sign for me when my little basket’s bottom fell out from the weight of all the little pieces I had collected. I should have known that being on the hunt for one-of-a-kind things was going to be my heart’s passion.

I love the idea of using old antique doors that are rich with patina in our design projects. A great place to use one old door is leading into a powder bathroom. This is such a centrally located room, all of your guests are sure to see a lovely entry and appreciate the beauty of an old door.

If you can find two matching doors, it’s nice to use them to break an entry into a great room, a sitting room, or even a butler’s pantry.

What do you think about this idea of using a pair of doors as a headboard? Believe it or not, this is popular with a lot of people!

These barn doors remind me of shutters. I love how you can repurpose these architectural items to bring real warmth and coziness to the interior of your home.

Here are some of the antique doors we have in the shop right now.

So do you feel you could incorporate antique doors into your decor? Remember, they don’t have to be used in the same way that they were originally! Doors can be built in, hung on the wall, used as a backdrop, a room divider… the options are endless.

If you are looking for something like this to add a sense of style to your space, follow my design tips: Look for doors you love, and be flexible about the size as long as they aren’t too tall for your space. Carpenters can build around doors, creating new panels or bringing down the sheetrock to meet the door. These old doors do not need to match the height of the doors you currently have – the point is that they are special and repurposed and should stand apart from the architecture. As with anything, look for a piece that inspires you!

We look forward to seeing you at our Spring Fling on April 26th from 6-9 pm.

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