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4 Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for Small Walls

Oftentimes when you think of farmhouse wall decor, you immediately think of big, statement, large wall decor. While these big walls are very important, and large farmhouse wall decor should be selected carefully, there’s another type of wall that you are ignoring in your house.

What are those walls?

Narrow, long or skinny walls!

You may laugh, but this is the number one place in your home to capture heart, your passions, and create pockets of interest throughout your home.

Today I’m here to show you how these small, skinny, and narrow walls can be a great place to add a lot of designer style and character.

I’m sharing four great farmhouse wall decor ideas for these skinny and narrow walls. I’m talking about:

  • vertical farmhouse wall decor
  • long narrow horizontal wall decor
  • ideas for small wall decor
  • narrow wall decor ideas

I’m sharing exactly what to look for and where to put this type of decor.

And trust me, these small, narrow, and long wall farmhouse wall decor ideas are sometimes way better than big statement wall decor.

How Do You Decorate a Small Wall?

Before we jump in, you may be wondering “Where are these skinny, narrow, and long walls?”

They’re everywhere in your house!

They’re on:

  • the sides of cabinets
  • by entrances and exits
  • in between closet doors
  • around corners
  • in between rooms
  • on the turns and stair landings
  • and so many more places – homework, start looking around your home!

These are a great blank canvas to put many of the things that you love to find when you go shopping or antiquing, and oftentimes pass on because they seem too small.

Grab them because your long, skinny, narrow walls are the perfect place to show off these beautiful pieces of wall decor.

What Can You Use to Decorate a Small Wall?

Stunning Farmhouse Mirrors

Curly, swirly, fanciful, whatever inspires you, grab it! This is a perfect piece for a skinny, narrow wall.

I’ll never forget, about 12 years ago I was on a babymoon trip with my husband, Bobby. We took a fun day off to just go antiquing and enjoy the sights of this beautiful city in Italy. While I was walking along a sidewalk, I stumbled upon this beautiful frame and grabbed it because I knew it could be turned into a gorgeous mirror. I knew back then, this was the perfect piece of small wall decor for a skinny wall in my house. Which wall? I wasn’t sure but I knew I had plenty of narrow walls to decorate!

You can create the same look in your home with a mirror. My tip, go over the top and select pieces that truly express the fanciful side of you.

You can do this with a small piece like I did in my home or even a floor mirror to really make that skinny narrow wall a “wow” wall.

Found Objects as Narrow Wall Decor

For my narrow or skinny wall decor, I love to look for found objects. Narrow wall decor ideas may include:

  • found objects
  • rustic wall decor
  • or remnants repurposed to add character and patina onto a wall.

Available at Village Antiques

Take a look at this piece of narrow wall decor in my own house. I found this barometer on an antiquing trip, and I was immediately drawn to all the things that I love – including this gorgeous cream color, these old-style fonts, this beautiful gilt gold, and the carvings.

This is a great piece of farmhouse style, vertical wall decor that you may have skipped before you read this week’s blog.

Next time, get it to place on your long or vertical walls. Look for pieces like these:

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

These types of objects are a perfect piece to make this small, skinny, narrow wall look beautiful, unusual, and amazing.

Quirky Art Pieces

The next thing I look for as my narrow vertical wall decor is very beautiful, unusual, rare, or quirky art. The pieces can be tall or short, but narrow walls will perfectly frame and create a beautiful art gallery style backdrop for that one little piece of artwork to really stand out and feel incredibly special.

Take a look at this quirky one in a small narrow wall leading right into my little boy’s bedrooms. I love the idea of wonderment and value my boys having that feeling while they are young. This piece immediately made me do a double-take and I grabbed it and put it right in front of their room, as a little piece of small wall art decor, so they can feel a sense of wonderment and magic in their young years.

You can create the very same feeling in your home with a beautiful piece of vertical farmhouse wall decor or small wall decor.

Look for small wall decor pieces like these:

  • old artwork
  • landscapes
  • engravings
  • old signs
  • old handwritten letters
  • and much more

Available at Village Antiques

Now you can start to see, arrow walls are the perfect place to create that special, one-of-a-kind feeling, so you don’t pass these gorgeous wall decor items up because you can create a very special art wall now that you know how to use all of these items.

Wood Panels

You might already have a piece of farmhouse or french country decor exactly like some of the things that I’m showing you.

On my last antiquing trip, I found these really beautiful carved wood panels, but they’re in a color of wood that I’m not really crazy about.

I know these are going to be beautiful on one of my narrow walls, so I am working on giving it a quick makeover with our line of chalk finish paint, Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint.

Amitha Verma Chantilly White Chalk Finish Paint

What I love about them are the raised relief, the texture, the carvings, and the patina. They’re very different from a painting and create a soft, subtle beauty with pattern and texture.

Available at Village Antiques

Where can you find wall decor for small, narrow, vertical or skinny walls?

You might be loving all of this and wondering “Where can I find these neat wall decor pieces?”

Over the years, I have found these pieces on different antiquing or thrifting trips. I keep my eyes open for interesting objects like these farmhouse wall decor pieces, and I know immediately that I can use them on my narrow skinny walls.

You can also find wall decor pieces just like this whenever you go shopping for furnishings and home decor. These are the kinds of unexpected things that you want to grab. I know you have a spot for them in your home.

Last but not least, you can always head over to our Instagram and shop our farmhouse wall decor pieces there because we’re always showcasing amazing pieces like these that you can use to create small or narrow wall art statements.

Let me know in the comments section below, which idea is your favorite one, and if you love this style of wall decor or the big statement farmhouse wall decor!

In my own home, I’ve actually loved looking for these little farmhouse wall decor pieces because I can truly express different sides of my personality with all of these different beautiful pieces of smaller wall decor.

Now that they all have a spot, I’ve been unbanned from getting more of this type of home decor by hubby!

Many of the pieces seen in this week’s episode can be found at our retail store Village Antiques in Houston, TX. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Until the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts!

With love,


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